"the supernatural and passion mix to make for a great, fast read"

Marissa Van Dyke falls while in a park, and wakes up with a lump on her head, not quite sure what happened. She has recurring nightmares in the weeks following the incident, with strange visions that make no sense. They're of a huge dog with brilliant green eyes, and a man attacking her. She wakes up in a cold-sweat, screaming, and she's not sure what to make of it. As time passes, the nightmares fade. Her friend shows up at her house and guilts Marissa into going to a Halloween party, when it's the last thing Marissa wants to do. Halloween is the anniversary of a traumatic experience for Marissa, and the one night of the year that she absolutely does not want to have any fun. She ends up going to this party and besides meeting a fortune teller, she meets an extremely charismatic man named Neil Drigan with the most amazing eyes. Marissa is conflicted, and feels guilty for enjoying herself when she should be mourning, so she steps outside for some air to clear her head. A scary run-in with her ex-boyfriend, and being saved by the magnetic Neil Drigan leaves her even more attracted to him. They get to know one another better and she sees some things that she is sure she must be imagining, and some secrets are revealed. Will they be able to overcome their secrets? Will their desire and attraction be enough?

This short story is an exciting read blending a young woman who has been grieving for a long time with a super-sexy werewolf who would do anything to save her. Their worlds collide and the supernatural and passion mix to make for a great, fast read. I love the chemistry between Marissa and Neil, as well as the Templar Knights who are in the story. Their role is unique and interesting. Desires are fulfilled, love is found, and friendship is also gained when two people decide not to let their fears rule them, and give in to their hearts.

Reviewed by Judi Szabo
Posted April 27, 2008


Can love be found on the unholiest night of the year?

There are some things Marissa Van Dyke won't do -- celebrate Halloween is one of them. When she's guilted into attending a Halloween party, a flamboyant woman dressed as a gypsy claims Marissa will be saved three times before she's finally free.

Foolish Halloween games, according to Marissa. Her life is fine; not perfect, but good enough, and nothing could save her anyway.

All she wants is to leave the party until a man named Neil Drigan materializes at her side, making her forget everything but his hauntingly familiar green eyes. His animal magnetism is a dangerous temptation on a night she's always reserved for mourning.

Can there be salvation under his powerful presence -- even on such an unholy night?

Warning: Some explicit sex, shapeshifting characters, and a tiny bit of psychic abilities.

Genre: Romance/Shifter
Length: Novella

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Unholy Night
by Candice Gilmer

Lyrical Press, Inc. (Moonlight and Shadows)
May 1, 2008
Available: May 5, 2008
ISBN #0981714420
EAN #9780981714424
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