"Wonderful book, makes you laugh out loud"

Linda Anderson has had it with men. She now lives in Minnesota, where the nearest man is six miles away. Looking out her kitchen window she notices muddy tracks, investigating she finds a naked man there. His build was slight and lean; short for a man. He had a crop of shaggy cinnamon-colored hair, with a boyish look to his face. Linda, with some effort, gets him into the house, settling him on the rug in front of the fireplace. Gareth was his name, and he had been shot. Taking pity on the poor man, but starting to wonder what in the world she has gotten herself into, Linda offers him a pillow. Upon returning, she shoves the back of her hand against her mouth to keep from screaming. Where his hand had gripped the edge of the blanket before, were now five long claws. Fur the same color of his hair now covered his shoulders, neck, head and muzzle. Shocked, no terrified to realize there is a bear on her floor. Not just any bear but a cinnamon, prized by hunters to mount on the wall.

Linda and Garth become friends but his pack will not accept her. Unless Garth can show them that this HUMAN is different, and that some HUMANS are good. Meanwhile Other HUMANS plan a trap for the Bearwalkers.

Thumbs up for this Author! Ms. Johnson has done a first class job with this wonderful romp through the forest. I really enjoyed this book, and found many parts that made me laugh, while also pulling at the heart strings. It was a wonderful adventure to read this book; it keeps you glued to the pages to see who will and who will not survive. I'm really hoping the author continues this story with future titles about the People of the Bear.

Reviewed by Connie Devaney
Posted April 27, 2008


In the wilderness, danger waits...

Fleeing to a secluded Minnesota cabin after an ugly divorce, Lindy Anderson has sworn off men-- until she finds a wounded naked man sprawled on her porch. Reluctantly taking him in, she discovers an ancient secret: Gareth is a Bearwalker, a shapeshifter able to exist as a human or a bear. His legendary clan has been hidden deep in the wilderness, safe from humankind. But now someone has learned of their existence and wants them dead.

As Lindy is drawn into Gareth's secretive clan and vows to help save them from the humans who threaten their survival, she finds herself falling in love with the clan's powerful Guardian. But Marin has taken his own vow to protect his people from all humans, even her, and even at the most terrible of costs.

Their fates now entwined, all three must risk their lives--and hearts-- if the Bearwalkers are to survive.

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People of the Bear
(Bearwalker Trilogy: Book 1)
by Lori K. Johnson

Mundania Press LLC
April 1, 2008
Available: April 20, 2008
ISBN #159426466X
EAN #9781594264665
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