"a solid, tightly-woven story"

Archer "Ace" Belmont is a reluctant soul collector, one who hasn't quite given up on his humanity no matter how many debts he's called in over the last several decades, or how long he has served Him. Ace's latest assignment starts off routinely enough until he meets and makes love to Ryder Conway and all bets are suddenly off. Ace does what no soul collector should ever do; he falls for his charge, na´ve young law student Ryder, to the detriment of them both.

Lovelorn, Ryder feels as if he is doomed to forever have deep feelings for men who won't or can't return his feelings. And gorgeous and distant Ace is no exception, telling Ryder from their first encounter that he should not fall for him, that they can never be. He doesn't, however, tell Ryder why this is, not until he can no longer hide the truth: that he has come to collect a debt. Ryder is confused until Ace reminds him about a stormy night and a car accident that nearly took Ryder's best friend, Tommy Burke's life until a miracle saved him. Ryder, however, learns that it wasn't just a miracle that saved Tommy, but his own desperate promise to give his life for Tommy's.

When Ryder learns of Ace's real reason for coming to him he is at first disbelieving and then horrified. Neither, however, stops him from feeling the way he does about Ace, nothing stops him from urgently wanting the "man" who has come to collect on Ryder's debt.

Jesse, a bitter spirit from Ace's past steps into the picture, as well as Ryder's body, and he has an agenda that doesn't include allowing Ace to ride off into the sunset with his new mortal lover to live happily ever after.

Manly creates an intriguing and formidable world of grays inhabited by the flawed but sympathetic heroes in Ace and Ryder and a colorful assortment of secondary characters in the dubious friends and cohorts who try to help Ace solve the sticky possession issue and the dilemma with his past and present lovers.

Payment Due is a solid, tightly-woven story with enough emotional and physical twists and turns, complex characterizations and sizzling encounters between Ace and Ryder to keep an erotic paranormal romance fan turning pages until the satisfying end.

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted April 27, 2008


On the night of his high school prom, Ryder made a hasty promise, a promise he barely remembered until a beautiful and mysterious stranger comes to collect on it.

Ace Belmont collects debts. He'd been enslaved to the task since he'd lost his soul years before. He is hoping each collection he makes is the last so that he can finally end it and atone for his sins.

When Ryder sees Ace, all he knows is he wants to run his hands all over this masculine vision of beauty in front of his eyes. What he doesn't know is he's about to have the sex of his life with someone who looks like an angel but who might well be the devil himself.

What starts out as a night rich with tantalizing anticipation will sweep Ryder away to sexual heights he's never known, but will wake him up to a horrible reality...a reality which torments him with sexual obsession and forces him to fight for his own soul...a reality which will take him closer to evil than most mortals will ever come.

Payment is due...and the price will be far higher than either of them could ever imagine.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.

Genre: LGBT Paranormal
Length: Novel

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Payment Due
by D. J. Manly

Loose Id
March 1, 2008
Available: March 25, 2008
ISBN #1596326700
EAN #9781596326705
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