"Mystery And Suspense and a Final Showdown"

Amelia Pivens witnesses her mother's murder during a Wiccan ritual and turns her back on The Craft, but she finds out it's not so easily done when destiny dictates she take another path.

Through the years tragedies of losing her love ones forces Amelia back to The Craft. She learns the legend of 'The One' who ends the ancient war among the witches is not a bedtime story, but very real. As more is revealed, she realizes her life is in danger. She must make a stand, for on her 28th birthday there will be a final battle.

The story takes place in modern time, but the back-story is enriched with historical undertones. I expected the story to be more about magick, witches and the war between good and evil, but the tale is more along the lines of a mystery/suspense novel with a heroine who happens be a witch. So those who wish to read a book about Wiccan practices may be disappointed, but the mystery lover will want to be there at the final showdown. Ms. Gryphon's suspense will magically bring you there with a few surprises you may not have expected.

This is the first book of the series and a good introduction to the characters.

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted April 24, 2008


An ancient line of witches…
An undying love…
A coming revolution…
One woman in the center of it all…

London, England. Mysterious. Beautiful. Full of legends and lore. It is home and a safe place for Ameila Pivens Kreutzer. For an ancient society of witch hunters, and practitioners, it is an easy place to go unnoticed. And for Scotland Yard’s Denny Carlisle, on All Hallows Eve, when the Full Blood Moon reaches its highest point in the sky, it will become a city of awe and mayhem, as the most powerful witch in modern history rises, to avenge her lost love and end the ancient war among the witches and those who hunt them forever.

Blood Moon is the first book in the Witches Moon Trilogy.


Blood Moon
(Witches Moon Trilogy: Book 1)
by A. W. Gryphon

James A. Rock & Company Publishers (Sense of Wonder Press)
April 1, 2008
Available: April 28, 2008
ISBN #1596636092
EAN #9781596636095
244 pages
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