"plenty of humor and steamy scenes"

This short story is an interesting blend of psychology and eroticism that will make you want to read it in one short sitting.

Have you ever had a husband or long-term boyfriend cheat on you, dump you, and take everything with him (including the bank account)? That is just what happened to Meredith Fields before she moved to Ryder Creek to start over. This is a story about what could happen when you repress your wants because of fear that what has happened in the past will happen again.

Logan Sinclair is a gorgeous "boy next door" who is trying to raise his young son Andrew without the benefit of a mother. After he meets his new neighbor, Meredith, things begin to get a bit confusing. The attraction is there from the beginning, but the book takes an interesting turn when Meredith finds out her erotic dream really happened. Logan is not sure at first who the mystery woman is, and if it was a dream or not. Once he realizes that the woman he wants is the one he was intimate with, he starts pursuing Meredith.

Meredith is shocked to learn that the dream is real, and her Id, or lustful side named Sombra, is responsible. Sombra speaks to her in mirrors telling her to take charge and go after the man. In the beginning, Meredith doesn't listen quickly enough and Sombra takes over, making Logan a very satisfied man. You will enjoy reading to find out what happens next.

This is a quick, quirky book that has plenty of humor and steamy scenes. It will make you want to believe that sometimes fate takes a hand to give you the man of your dreams.

Reviewed by Crystal DeMatos
Posted April 23, 2008


Can you start over when you lost everything you have held dear to you?

Meredith lost everything because her ex-husband was a cheat and con artist. When she wakes up one day to her bank accounts cleaned out and he was gone, she has two choices; sit down and go crazy or move on and start over. Moving to Ryder Creek is the new start.

Logan Sinclair has finally gotten his life where he wants it with his son Andrew. When the woman moves in next door and strange things begins happening around him, he must find out what is going on before things escalates.

Meredith and Logan are about to get a lesson in what can happen when you suppress feelings that should be released.

Will the lesson be more than they can bear or will love hold them together, forever?


Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Multicultural/Interracial

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The Pleasure Principle
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