"a fantastic way to spend the day"

Kera Zoe is at the Compound in the town of Cane , a mate- finding ritual is in practice and yet Kera wants no part of it, no part of losing her freedom and being a prisoner taken in marriage! She refuses to lose herself that way, yet Devon Noved claims her as his, and suddenly she is unsure of everything. Devon is not what she expected, dominating yet caring and the feelings he coaxes from her, sometimes none too gently, are intense and scare Kera even more than losing her independence. Sex with Devon is destructive to a woman's independence and her will to flee seems to flee with his touch.

Not all is what it seems though and not all want to see the couple happy, especially not happily ever after. Devon has decided that even Kera's heated temper and fight for freedom can't seem to stop the hunger and need she provokes in him. He will do whatever he must to be sure she is his and safe forever.

Got a day to fill with a very steamy book? Fill it with this one, the characters are both strong and tough as nails, the twists and turns are surprising and the intensity of the sexual heat is remarkable. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm not usually into short stories, but this was a fantastic way to spend the day. Thanks to Ms. Sinclair for what promises to be another great series for her.

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted April 21, 2008


As prisoner at the Compound, Kera Zoe knows she has no way of avoiding the archaic mate-finding ritual that dominates the town of Kane. But, when the tall, broad-chested Devon Noved claims her as his, unwantedly taking her breath away with each kiss, Kera has a decision to make. Should she fight for her freedom and her heart or submit and lose everything she believes in?

For the first time, Devon has found a woman who ignites his soul. No stranger to acting on lust or loving and leaving women, he is taken back by this dominative fireball who arouses, and disconcerts, him with her open defiance and then complete submission to him. Now he faces a dilemma--will showering her with things she could only dream of win her over or will he need to simply dominate her to break her?

Will Kera open her heart to a husband forced upon her? Can Devon make Kera care for him without breaking her spirit? Or will they remain together only as captives of their desire for each other?

Note:This title has been rewritten and expanded, though was previously released as Prisoner of Desire from another publisher.

Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance
Book Length: Full Length
Heat Level: Hot

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Captive of Desire
by Jaden Sinclair

Amira Press
February 1, 2008
Available: February 16, 2008
ISBN #1934475483
EAN #9781934475485
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