"A wonderful blending of Paranormal, Romance, and Suspense!"

Lazarus Conlon was born in the latter half of the fifth century A.D., the child of a mortal woman, Octavia daughter of Romulus, and Lexliel, a fallen angel. Lexliel had been one of the Grigori, the fallen angels of the tenth choir. In Eden they had been charged with the supervision and education of mankind. Curiosity had been their downfall for they had coupled with the children of Adam and Eve against the will of God. Children of such unions were most often born demons, unless their angelic parent had repented his sins and their mortal parent was bound to Paradise, or so the legend goes. Lazarus' soul was untainted, but with his father dead, destroyed by the devil himself, he would either die or be claimed by the demons. It was for that reason alone, that Octavia had come to her father to beg him to bring her son across -- to gift him with dark immortality.

Romulus agrees, with the condition that Octavia be brought across as well to rehabilitate the child's soul. Romulus had been a vampire for many centuries. Unlike the members of the Dark Breed, depraved beings who feasted on the blood of mortals, Romulus' soul had been rehabilitated by the Nazarene. In the days following the death of the savior, he had been entrusted with sacred relics, the Saint John's Stake, and the Amulet of Christ. The Amulet contained the blood of Christ, and could restore mortality to a vampyre as long as it was worn by it.

Romulus had fallen in love with a Tracker, a woman of the line which hunt the vampyre. He had been accepted in his rehabilitated state and had become mortal to give her a family. But as time passed the darkness had called to him once more. He had left his home to rule over his vampyric tribe known as the New Breed. This clan of rehabilitated vampyres were his kin, who feasted not on the blood of man but instead kept their hunger at bay with the gifts of heaven, Paradisian wine and fruits. He had turned the sacred relics over to his wife's people, the Trackers, to be held until the day that his heir would reclaim them by fulfilling his destiny.

The days of the great Roman Empire were at an end, his soul was tired, and now with an heir to lead his tribe Romulus was free to greet the sun. When the deed is done, Romulus informs Octavia of the child's destiny. He will someday wed a mortal woman of the Tracker line, and together they would bear a child who would hunt the Dark Breed. Lazarus is gifted with a pack of wolves to assuage the lust for blood. He is not to take the blood of mortals, except at such times that he must bring across a member of his kin. At those times his soul would have to be rehabilitated or he would be lost.

Shortly thereafter, the angel Montgomery appears to Octavia, proclaiming his debt to his fallen brother, Lexliel. Montgomery despises the vampyre for what they had done to his family, killing his wife and son, but Lexliel had been killed defending the boy, Lucius. Despite his distaste for Lazarus' kind the angel would do everything in his power to protect his brother's son and love him in Lucius' stead.

Six hundred years later Lazarus, now grown, senses that the tribe is once again being stalked by the evil presence which had driven them from Rome when he had been just a boy. Lazarus has great cause for concern. Not only has he the New Breed to protect, but he now had a wife to defend as well. Neomina Delacroix was a mortal woman of the Tracker line. He had entered into a contract with her father when it had been realized that she was the woman of whom the prophesy had foretold. The sacred relics that had once belonged to his grandfather were now in the possession of her father. Through Neomina, they would one day return to Lazarus. He had never expected to fall in love with her, but he had and there in lied a dilemma.

Lazarus is tortured by his divided responsibilities. He had made a promise to Neomina's father not to bring her across while he still lived. He also knew that his kin would not accept her as their mistress unless she became one of them. As a Tracker it was her duty to hunt their kind. Lazarus was well aware of her father's reasons. He had withheld his dark secret from his daughter, but even Lazarus is unaware of the true danger her blood carries.

The vampyre that stalks them is unlike any other, and he has a score to settle with Lazarus. He will not rest until he has that which should have been his birthright, that which Lazarus possessed in his stead. He too been born of a union between an angel and a mortal, but had not been as lucky as his cousin. Lazarus had the love and the life which had been denied him. The demon had suffered incomprehensible torture a the hands of a beast so dark even the devil feared it. He could still feel the pain as his soul had been ravaged along with his form. His father had not come to save him and for that he would pay. Though sheer will he had become powerful, and the child his father had protected in his stead would suffer as well. His devious plot had been orchestrated most carefully. He had created the perfect pawn in Neomina. She would be the implement of Lazarus' destruction.

At a weak moment Lazarus falls into the demon's hands. Neomina instinctively knows that only she can save him. To do so she would require the sacred relics which were now hers by right. The Trackers had held them for her after her father's death. In order to obtain them she must assure them of her allegience to them. By pledging her soul to them, she would forfeit a part of her heritage and would no longer have the option of being "brought across" in order to share her husband's world. It would be a form of betrayal, but she cannot allow Lazarus to die. Though she has been promised an army of angels if necessary, she knows that this is a battle that she must fight alone.

Ms. Armae has created a unique tale which combines the paranormal, history, horror, suspense, spirituality, and romance. This complex tale is peopled with a variety of interesting entities, the likes of which I've not seen combined in such a way before. I found it fascinating and look forward to the next installment.

Copyright © 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 20, 2001


Angels, Vampyres, Heaven and Hell… In medieval Ireland two worlds collide and the term Dark Ages takes on a whole new meaning.

An evil entity stalks Lazarus Conlon, Vampyre patriarch, threatening the safety of his wife and his family tribe. But to conquer this enemy, Lazarus must first fight his own demons, including a sacred heritage inherited from fallen angels. Amid this strife, Lazarus learns his only true hope rests within the heart and soul of a mortal tracker—his wife, a woman born to hunt and destroy his breed. Can she help him defeat this evil threatening his very soul or will her tracker heritage demand she kill him?

Neomina Delacroix is no stranger to the world of the Vampyre. As appointed heiress of the Tracker Council and the keeper of the Amulet of Christ and the St. John Stake, Neomina's allegiance to her people is sealed in blood. But she doesn’t know that her father is not what he seems, and because of him, her true nature is grounded in the very evil threatening her husband. When terror strikes the Conlon Tribe, Neomina is their only hope. But will the dark heritage she inherited from her father save Lazarus and his Tribe, or will evil corrupt her soul and destroy them all?

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Come the Night
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