"an incredibly sexy werewolf, hands down a keeper"

Stefan Draeger is a shifter and he's got demons that haunt his nights. When they become demons he must face he never bargains on what will happen when he goes hunting. He finds more than he bargains for in Sidney Martin; the daughter of the enemy, an evil man that makes his and Sidney 's life a miserable existence. Until they see each other. One look from the powerful, gorgeous man and neither of their lives are ever the same when he makes one simple declaration. Mine! Forced to wait, he uses their shared link to meet her in her dreams until he can claim her.

Sidney Martin's life has been a prison of one kind or another, a life of torment at the hands of her father. Until the mysterious boy she stumbled upon one night changes her life and then disappears, only to re-enter her life as a man. Stefan is one very large, gorgeous, irresistible and adamant man, and he declared she was coming with him. Despite years of dreaming of him, touching him and loving him each night, she was forced into a world she didn't understand. Regardless of her reaction to Stefan she refuses to trade one prison just to be the captive of another. However, Sidney 's father and his associates have other ideas in mind, ones that certainly won't include futures for Sidney and Stefan. Providing Stefan can convince Sidney to accept the fact that when it came to her, all there was to it for him was that she was his Mate, nothing else was acceptable and his time was fast running out; his heat was coming on him and it was time to claim his mate.

Let me first start off by saying my favorite quote of all time out of a drop dead gorgeous, large, alpha, dominant, sexy male is quite simply "Mine". Stefan got me hooked so fast I couldn't put him down. I loved the power and dominance of Stefan and his claim that won't be denied. There is more than alpha overbearing male though, he sees not only his mate but a woman to cherish. He must try to find the strength within his beast to combat what is simply a very strong yet vulnerable woman, a confused one and yet a passionate one as well. These characters are so multi- faceted that you are constantly on your toes. The chemistry was great, the action scenes exciting, and the sex between the two is so incredibly hot and steamy. Stefan has depth as a man, but he is an incredibly sexy werewolf, hands down a keeper. I can't wait for the next book, it's going to be just as explosive as Stefan and Sidney I'm sure! Ms. Sinclair has a winner of a series on her hands; if you like werewolves, I would really recommend this. My only complaint was I wanted a longer book! More Stefan would not be a bad thing!

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted April 17, 2008


It was by chance he discovered his mate, only problem was she was still too young to claim. For four long years Stefan Draeger waited for her to grow, to mature into the passionate woman he knew she was. He has used her dreams to remind her each night that she belongs to him and no one else. Now his waiting is over. The time to make Sidney Martin his has come and nothing on this Earth will stand in his way. Stefan is coming into his heat, but will Sidney be strong enough to handle his fire, his need, and succumb to his heart?

All new with expanded length, storyline, and characters.

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Stefan's Mark
(Shifter: Book 1)
by Jaden Sinclair

Amira Press
March 1, 2008
Available: March 28, 2008
ISBN #1934475602
EAN #9781934475607
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