"Move over James Bond and make room for Damon and Rory!"

"The Fed," Damon Venizelos, has been put on a new assignment and needs to enlist the help of a Master thief that has avoided capture. While tracking down the master thief, he is able to sense the presence and is shocked to find out that it is a female. Somehow, she slipped through his grasp and stole an item right under his nose.

Damon is an incubus and his gift is being able to dreamwalk. Normally for the government he uses that "gift" to assassinate people, but this time he uses it to set a trap. Master thief Aurara diScipio has a gift too; she is a lamia (a born shapeshifter) and is able to take any form. Through her smarts and her "gift" she has been able to steal numerous items and not leave a clue.

Damon, who has been the cause of Rory's sensual dreams, visits her in her dream and sets up a meet in person. Rory is intrigued by Damon's mission to find a missing Russian nuke, especially since the job sounds like a challenge and she loves challenges. As the mission progresses and the danger escalates, so does the passion between the two.

Will Rory be able to trust Damon with the secret of her "gift?" Can Damon learn to trust a thief? Can they complete the mission and still hold onto their hearts?

Move over James Bond and make room for Damon and Rory! These two are a hot, likeable couple that will have you rooting for them both equally. I especially like how the characters refer to each other with Rory calling Damon "the Fed" and he calling her "my Thief." There is just the right mix of intrigue, danger, humor and passion all wrapped up with a paranormal bow to make this story a winner!

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted April 10, 2008


Damon Venizelos has a gift. A Dreamwalker trained by the U.S. government to infiltrate his enemies’ dreams, he makes a powerful weapon. When not on the job, Damon uses his talent for the much more enjoyable task of seducing women in their dreams . . .

Master thief Aurora diScipio has a gift, too. Tall or short, young or old, Rory can shapeshift into any human form, making it easy to get what she wants. But lately something is missing, and stealing isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. Rory is plagued by hot and heavy dreams, only to wake up completely aroused, craving something—someone she can’t just go out and steal.

When Damon’s agency summons him to help find a missing bomb, possibly in the hands of terrorists, they also need a qualified thief. Damon is only too happy to track down Rory, especially if she’s the sensual beauty he remembers. But Rory keeps slipping out of his net, in her dreams and in reality. Soon both predator and prey crave a real-life connection—drawing them ever closer to something hotter than their wildest dreams . . .

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by Kathleen Dante

Berkley Pub Group (Heat)
May 1, 2008
Available: May 6, 2008
ISBN #0425219631
EAN #9780425219638
320 pages
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