"Scottish Werewolves--Oh My!"

GIDEON MACINNES, the future leader of the Highland werewolves has sworn he will never take a human mate. They are too fragile and his bite would bring certain death. However, an unforeseen attack leads him to the very woman he wishes to avoid—his soul mate.

CARLY SILVER, owns a bookstore and lives vicariously through the stories that line her bookcase. When Gideon shows up on her doorstep in his wolf form, bloodied and on the verge of collapse, she takes him home thinking he's an injured dog. In the morning, she's in for a big surprise when her hairy beast turns out to be one gorgeous Highland man.

Gideon plans on leaving his soul mate to keep her safe, but an old enemy has set in motion a plan to destroy everything Gideon holds dear.

Ms. Castle has introduced a new spin on the Scottish Stone of Destiny, the Lia Fail and what the stone's power entails. The attraction between Gideon and Carly sizzles the pages with the tantalizing gazes they give each other, let alone their kisses, caress'll have to read the book to know more. Trust me, you'll want these two star- crossed lovers to beat the odds and find true happiness.

Ms. Castle's secondary characters are just as memorable, Carly's friend, the gorgeous Ragan and her scrumptious treats she bakes. You'll be endeared to Carly's over protective brothers and demanding Italian mother. Gideon's brother may have a carefree attitude, but when the chips are down, Gabriel has the family's back. I look forward to reading more about the Guardians of the Lia Fail, which the author hints at the end—there is more to come. Well done!

Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted April 2, 2008


Gideon is a werewolf of the Scottish Highlands. He loves the haunting beauty of his home, but faced with the prospect of being his clan's next alpha, he runs away to upstate New York to grapple with his destiny. As a snowstorm closes in, Gideon is attacked by rogue wolves working for a mysterious enemy more evil than he can imagine.

As a wounded wolf, he collapses on the doorstep of Carly's tiny romance bookstore---ironic, as she hasn't been so successful with men, but she's great with animals. Carly takes home what she thinks is an injured dog, treats his wounds, and wakes up to find a devastatingly handsome naked man in her bed.

Trapped together through the raging storm, Gideon discovers that he's found his mate, and Carly has to choose between becoming a werewolf, charged with protecting humankind from the inhabitants of an evil otherworld, or giving up the one man she's ever truly loved.

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Call of the Highland Moon
(Guardians of the Lia Fail: Book 1)
by Kendra Leigh Castle

Sourcebooks (Casablanca)
May 1, 2008
Available: May 1, 2008
ISBN #1402211589
EAN #9781402211584
384 pages
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