"Romance, adventure and that \'something extra\'"

SHADOW TOUCH is Ms. Liu's second book with the "Dirk and Steel Agency" - An amazing group of paranormally gifted people such as shifters and healers and touch-seers. TIGER EYES, the first book, introduces this world of wonder but does not have to be read first to enjoy this story.

Russian ex-Mafia, Dirk and Steel agent Artur Loginov is on the trail of a rapist/murderer. His "gift" is through touch... knowledge, emotions and sight. This "gift" is slowly killing him by causing small lesions in his brain. He is betrayed and taken to a hidden lab for the knowledge his touch has gathered.

Elena Baxter is a touch healer. She is kidnapped by the 'Consortium'. Taken, caged and tested to prove her skill in a secret lab. The Consortium's plan is to take over the Russian Mafia and then the world. L'araignee has the control and power all she needs is access. Artur and Elena must escape and stop her.

Romance, adventure and that 'something extra' in the characters make this one of the best books so far this year. For those of you who have not yet tried Ms. Liu, please do yourself a great favor and read one of her paranormal thrillers.

Reviewed by Michele Patrykus
Posted April 2, 2008


Elena Baxter can work miracles with her hands. She can coax bones to knit, flesh to heal. She can mend the mind. She has been doing such work for almost all of her twenty-eight years. That is why she will be taken.

The media called it a rampage of terror, the recent murders. But fighting crime is why Artur Loginov joined Dirk & Steele. The international detective agency specializes in the impossible, and their creed is simple: Help those in need, no matter how difficult, and no matter what, keep the secret safe. For the agency helps its employees, too; people like Artur -- the gifted, the tormented. Dirk & Steele gave the Russian emigre purpose, protection, community...and refuge from his past, for who can trust a man who can start a fire with his mind, or shape-shift, or read others' thoughts as easily as drawing breath? For his similar talent, Artur will be taken.

Into the darkness Elena and Artur will be drawn, into the clutches of evil. Cornered, isolated, caged, they will fight for their very souls. But salvation awaits. it exists in a form least expected: a dream of a face, a brush of a mind, the hint of a kiss, and finally, at long last, a SHADOW TOUCH.

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Shadow Touch
(Dirk & Steele: Book 2)
by Marjorie M. Liu

Love Spell
February 1, 2006
Available: January 31, 2006
ISBN #0505526301
EAN #9780505526304
354 pages
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