"A great paranormal suspense"

If you have seen "Dead Man's Chest" then your idea of what a "Kracken" is as a large ugly tentacled monster. Ms Liu shows us another ideal and I really like hers better!

Kitala Bell is a seer, albeit a very reluctant seer. Her visions are not of where your keys are or if you're going to have an accident. Kit sees your death, your very violent death. She is also the fiddle player you met in TIGER EYE (Dirk & Steele #1) which I recommend you read first.

M'cal is spell-bounded to a witch who needs souls to stay young. While the sea is his world and release, as long as he wears her collar, he is tied to her will and life. The witch sends M'cal for the richest soul she has ever found.

However, Kit is not alone or without her own powers. Kit's grandma, Jazz, was a powerful voodoo priestess who will protect her grandchild even beyond the grave. When these powerful women fight, everybody DUCK!

SOUL SONG is a great paranormal suspense and much appreciated addition to the Dirk & Steele series.

Reviewed by Michele Patrykus
Posted April 2, 2008


Against her will, Kitala Bell foresees the future. But only deaths, and only violent.

Kitala's own future is in peril. From the ocean's depths rises an impossible blend of fantasy and danger, a creature whose voice is seduction incarnate, whose song can manipulate lives the way that Kitala herself manipulates the strings of her violin...even to the point of breaking. He is a prince of the sea, an enigma-a captive stretched to the limit of his endurance by a woman intent on using him for the purest evil. And when survival requires he and Kitala form a closer partnership than either has ever known, the price of their bond will threaten not just their lives but the essence of their very souls.

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Soul Song
(Dirk & Steele: Book 6)
by Marjorie M. Liu

Dorchester (Leisure Books)
July 1, 2007
Available: July 3, 2007
ISBN #0843957662
EAN #9780843957662
384 pages
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