"An action filled futuristic romance"

Have you every wondered, are there aliens among us? If so, what if they've assimilated to the point that they no longer know who they are? Meet Abbey Shore.

In the aptly named action adventure TWIST, Abbey is an orphaned student of architecture who flips houses to earn tuition and studies karate as a hobby. As you can imagine this leaves little time for romance, even for the blond haired, blue eyed hunk she's ogled on the El every morning.

Fate seems to have something else in store for the two of them however. Heavy rain and a dead cell phone are responsible for Abbey having trekked all the way to her cancelled karate class. On the way home she takes refuge in Java Joe's and literally bumps into the hunky doctor on her way out. Later that night while tearing down an unsightly brick wall, hoping to reveal an impressive fireplace, the wall collapses tearing a gash in Abbey's arm. With no phone service, Abbey attempts to walk through the crime ridden streets of Chicago to Sacred Heart Hospital hoping that she can make it there before she bleeds to death or becomes the latest victim of a bizarre killing spree. Luck is with her. She makes it as far as the ambulance bay then collapses into the arms of Dr. Shane Maddox.

While she is being stitched up, Abbey learns that another homeless victim of the serial killer has been brought in. The condition of these victims has the doctors stumped as to the cause of death. It's as if they've been deflated. Shane notices a strange woman dressed in black leather lurking near Abbey's room. Abbey claims not to know her and is released with the admonition to be careful on the streets and a date with Shane for the following evening after he admits to having felt the pull of attraction on the El as well.

Their date is not to be however, at least not in this century. Undaunted by her recent brush with death, Abbey continues work on the wall, intrigued by the whirring noise behind it that sends her dog Charlie into a tailspin. Behind the wall she finds a tank filled with what she believes is water. The noise is tracked to a hourglass shaped device that begins to spin. Investigating further Abbey accidentally breaks the tank dousing herself with what turns out to be peroxide and then her world turns upside down.

She next finds herself in her own city one hundred years in the future -- an apocalyptic future following a pandemic that had wiped out most of the human population. And as she finds out from an accusatory Shane, those who remain are merely fodder for the Ticks and that their dire circumstances are all her fault! All because of a missed date?

How is it that Shane is still alive? And what does the mystery woman, Lucinda, who they'd both seen in the hospital on that fateful night, have to do with all of this? Abbey soon learns the source of the vampire legends of old. Lucy is from a alien race known as the Chronolotians who maintain their immortality by sucking the life out of their mortal victims. When Abbey failed to turn up for their date, Shane had spied the woman in an alley and had stopped to ask her what she knew about her. Now a Tick himself Shane refused to betray his doctor's oath and was the only thing that stood between his own civilization and the aliens who fed on them. He is understandably bitter but the attraction between the pair hasn't dimmed in spite of everything he's been through. When Abbey joins the fight, everyone is stunned by her ability to fight as well as her ability to heal rapidly.

It's no coincidence that the Tick's have made Abbey's house their headquarters, the time gate that Abbey had opened had allowed Lucinda free access to the past where she could feed and turn others to keep the odds even. Now that Abbey had arrived the gate had closed to the Ticks. It appears that Abbey is a genetic Time Guardian whose destiny was to protect the time gate from the Chronolotians. The alien race had been responsible for the deaths of her parents and theirs before them. Abbey was the last of her race and had no daughter to pass the duty down to. Shane was her destiny as well, which is why he'd been turned. There would be no future Time Guardians unless......

All the aliens need is Abbey to ensure their domination. The human race needs her to travel back and change the past, but at what cost? She loves Shane more than life itself but Abbey has come to love these valiant refugees, the only true friends she'd ever had, as well. Would changing the past and saving Shane mean that they would never come to exist? Would it truly mean a better future?

Abbey is an amazing character never missing a beat for a moment. She braves a whole new world and a devastating destiny with integrity and fierce determination. Shane too has his demons to face. He knows he must periodically give in to his urges in order to stay alive and give his people a fighting chance. He stays true to his oath as much as is "humanly" possible but his nature eats at him. In spite of years of bitter feelings, his attraction to Abbey cannot be denied either. He loves her but knows in his heart that he can't have her, not as he is. It isn't fair to her. Yet he knows that she is now the only one who stands between them all and certain annihilation. Even knowing that he is compelled to love her, through some weird predestiny, doesn't change the fact that she is his soul mate. He is even willing to face his own death to send her home, knowing that she might not make it back in time to save him from his fate. But first they must battle the Ticks. Who will win?

TWIST is like a peanut butter cup, a perfect paranormal blend. Chockfull of action, aliens, time travel and a future Earth, this tale is to be savored - if you can manage not to finish it in one gulp! I for one couldn't put it down. I strongly recommend that you indulge yourself and pick up a copy.

If you enjoyed this SHOMI action adventure romance I strongly recommend that you also pick up DRIVEN by Eve Kenin.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 31, 2008



here's always a moment.....

Abbey Shore never intended to be the savior of the world; it was just something that happened—like her father’s tragic death and the fact that she’s now poor and “flipping” houses in the Chicago suburbs to finish college. And there’s more: behind a crumbling wall in her current renovation, a swirling vortex hides. It’s a gate, a portal—and it will not only cast her into the arms and power of the enigmatic yet doomed Dr. Shane Maddox, but also into the clutches of Lucinda, the eerie, leather-clad beauty who shadowed his every move in the Sacred Heart ER. Abbey will soon be one hundred years in the future, in a dying land filled with roving bands of humans fighting for survival, and the “ticks” against whom they fight. Oh yes, Abbey’s life has had a…TWIST.


by Colby Hodge

Love Spell (Shomi)
January 1, 2008
Available: January 29, 2008
ISBN #0505527480
EAN #9780505527486
336 pages
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