"Fast paced mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat"

Devon Dellafeild had it all; from working for the Foreign Office deciphering codes to beautiful women falling at his feet. Devon also had famous parents. Lord Lance Dellafeild is a distinguished Member of Parliament and his mother Lady Dellafeild is a very powerful Druid. Although he is nothing like his parents, everything was perfect for this playboy until Jocie Summerhill walked into his life.

Jocie Summerhill was a suffragette who was demonstrating for women's rights to vote. When she was apprehended by Sheriff Briggs for carrying a photograph of what looks like a coded document, she was brought immediately to Devon's office. Acting like a rebel with a cause, Jocie was feisty and sassy and she read Sheriff Briggs and Devon the riot act. But when Devon looked at the code, he realized it was written in the Ogham alphabet. It was something he knew very little about but because of his druid background he could find out more. Devon got Jocie off the hook and she was remanded to Devon and his mother.

Soon Devon finds that he is falling for Jocie, but ever since Devon started trying to crack the code, people have been trying to kill Jocie. Devon has no choice but to try to tap into his druid powers that have laid dormant and unrecognized. With help from his mother and grandmother, Devon must protect Jocie from an unknown traitor and decipher the code that could very well save his country.

Druid Redeemed by Jean Hart Stewart is absolutely brilliant, from the story to the intriguing characters. This is very well written. The action and mystery will have you hanging on the edge of your seat. I loved this book! I dearly hope she will continue with this series.

Reviewed by Beth Senters
Posted March 24, 2008


This is the fifth Garland of Druids book, but it can be read as a single title.

Devon Dellafield saw no reason to change his fun-loving life. Women adored him and he took pleasure in fulfilling their fantasies. He could never be as perfect as his parents, Lord and Lady Lance, so why try.

Then Jocie, a feisty suffragette, intrudes into his life. She's the exact opposite of the type of woman he charms so easily, although she too is beautiful. Jocie wants him to acknowledge his Druid powers and use them to fulfill his life. He thinks he's much better off if he leaves her strictly alone.

But can he? When his Druid abilities are needed to save Jocie's life and decode a traitorous message, can he turn his back on her and his country?

Genre: Romance - Paranormal
Book Length: Novel

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Druid Redeemed
(Garland of Druids: Book 5)
by Jean Hart Stewart

Cerridwen Press
March 1, 2008
Available: March 13, 2008
ISBN #1419913972
EAN #9781419913976
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