"Magical Fairy Tale!"

KISSED BY STARLIGHT is the second in Ms. Bailey's three book "Living Lands" series. It is the sequel to FLOWERS BY MOONLIGHT, a medieval tale.

Kissed by Starlight is a Cinderella story of sorts, complete with mistreated heroine, wicked stepmother, and fairy.....well prince, but he is a charming prince .

The story takes place nearly 600 hundred years later. That is how long Blaic (who appeared in FLOWERS BY MOONLIGHT) has been standing in motionless in the gardens of the Stavely properties. He had been turned to stone by the King of the Fairies, for what he had deemed a gross betrayal. Blaic had helped the princess Sira, the king's daughter, flee the Living lands to join her beloved, the mortal knight Conn (FLOWERS BY MOONLIGHT).

The other fairies, realizing the King would feel remorse once his temper cooled, had implored him to leave a loophole by which Blaic could again become flesh and go home. Over the years Blaic could only stand by as first Sira, then her children, and countless generations passed on. He could only watch until the day when a mortal woman would weep over him. Only then would he return to his natural state and only when he had betrayed her trust, her love, would he be readmitted to the splendor of Mag Mell, the fairy kingdom.

Felicia Starret, had had little time to ponder her fate, her father had just died. Her hateful stepmother had not shed a tear. Her beloved stepsister had had an enchantment placed on her for the past three years, keeping her mind a child while her body blossomed into young womanhood. It was suddenly too much to bear and Felicia gave into undignified tears in the garden, tears which slipped over the stone boots of the cloaked figure on the pedestal.

When the man sprung to life, Felicia was certain that her grief or the family history had finally turned her mad. But she fell ill that very evening with the bug which carried her father off, and decided that it was her illness that brought on the hallucination.

Alas it was not so, Blaic was quite real, but his tale was too fantastic to be believed. He promised Felicia her fondest wish to gain her confidence and break the spell. Too his shock her wish was not made from personal greed, instead she wished for her sister to be restored to normal.

In fact so selfless is Felicia's character that Blaic, who had never much cared for mortals, suddenly finds his task distasteful. He has begun to understand what drew his beloved Sira to wed with her mortal knight. Yet he must betray Felicia to break the curse. Will she understand and forgive him? Will she come with him to the Living Lands and love with him forever, or will he lose her for all time, doomed to an eternity of loneliness?

Copyright 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 17, 2001


Mourning her father's death, Felicia cries at the feet of a statue in her garden. Suddenly the statue comes to life--and leaps down beside her! His name is Blaic, and he vows to serve her. But as he comes to know her, Blaic finds his heart bewitched by another spell--of love.


Kissed by Starlight
(Living Lands: Book 2)
by Lynn Bailey

Jove Pubns
May 1, 1999
Available: November 3, 2006
ISBN #0515125059
EAN #9780515125054
320 pages
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