"Two Alpha Wolven's Learning to Get Along!"

Anna Callaway never suspects she will find her one and only at a bar. She is a veterinarian with very little time to socialize with anyone other than her animals. She certainly never expects to meet Kieran Hunter. The ultimate hubba-hubba alpha male; Kieran saves her from almost getting raped in the bar's parking lot.

Kiernan Hunter stares at the woman across the parking lot being held by two wolven males from his pack and knows she is his True Mate. He needs to save her and claim her for himself, but to do so he must introduce her to his wolven pack and introduce her to a way of life she is totally unprepared for.

Together they uncover some secrets from her past and rescue his brother and niece from hunters. As they learn to coexist with each other, both struggling with their alpha personalities, and find a balance between their two worlds; will they realize they are indeed True Mates?

SheWolf is a quick and easy read with two likable characters that you want to be together in the end. If you like to read about shapeshifters, this is a satisfying read for a Saturday afternoon. Kiernan is a great hero and Anna is like someone you would know. The only thing lacking is it's length. The book is short, so there isn't much time to go into some of the answers to questions you will ask yourself.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Kelton
Posted March 17, 2008


A small town veterinarian has a big time problem. She's not human.

Plagued as a child with an extra-sensitive sense of smell, strength, and eyesight, Anna Callaway always thought she was special. But she didn't understand how special until she met Kieran Hunter.

He insists they are True Mates, but he's not human either. He's wolven.

Kieran is a protector of his race. No longer the Alpha of his pack, he spends his time searching out and punishing any who may reveal their race to humans. While patrolling, he finds two wolven about to kidnap Anna. He battles to protect her, but is surprised to find himself drawn to her in a way he never expected.

The couple must learn to deal with their differences before they can address their similarities. But when three men kidnap Anna, she must decide if she is to embrace the wolven way of life, or return to her quiet existence. And whether to abandon the man who claims her as his True Mate.


Additional book information provided by publisher:

Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire/Werewolf/Contemporary

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by Teresa D'Amario

Freya's Bower
December 1, 2007
Available: December 18, 2007
ISBN #1934069906
EAN #9781934069905
119 pages
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