"Fabulous Finale to Trilogy"

After thirty years away from Cumberland, Milosh, Brotherhood vampire hunter and slayer, returned to find his closest friends' manor nothing but a burnt out ruin. According to the vicar of the village, Milosh was six months too late and had no way of knowing whether his friends, the Hyde-White family had escaped. Stabling down his vampire stallion Somnus, Milosh entered the ruins sensing he was not alone. Still, he was not prepared for the young Gypsy woman (Paloma) who escaped the ruins by stealing his stallion. Milosh was stunned to be caught so off guard and after catching Paloma he was further shocked by his physical reaction to her.

Paloma had been bitten by Sebastian, the vampire Milosh had been tracking and trying to kill for over 400 years. When questioned Paloma denied having been attacked thinking that if Milosh knew she had been bitten and suffered the bloodlust, he would kill her. Lust overcame common sense and Milosh, surrendering to his passion, made love to Paloma, who having not fed for days lost control bit and drank of Milosh's blood. The outcome of the bite was Paloma was cured of her bloodlust, and Milosh, who for 400 years had been free of the vampire bloodlust after completing the Blood Moon ceremony, now reverted back to the state of those he hunted.

*** Milosh is one of the original characters that Ms. Thompson introduced and actively employed in the previous books of this trilogy. He was the first to have overcome his ravening for blood (or bloodlust) by discovering the cure of the Blood Moon and acted as mentor, teacher and friend to the Hyde-White family who were infected by his age-old nemesis Sebastian, and featured as the main characters in BLOOD MOON and THE BROTHERHOOD. Finally, in THE RAVENING Milosh has his own story -- an absorbing, tense, edge-of-the-seat rollercoaster ride of passion and thrills galore!

Everyone must have a soul-mate and after 400 years of wandering Milosh found his in Paloma and their sensual passionate encounter where he let down his guard after all those years almost killed him. Thompson described this terrifying nightmare beautifully as the bloodlust he had avoided in all those years, came back with a vengeance. Thompson expertly described Milosh's agony as he fought the urge to kill the woman he loved as he quickly began a descent into madness. Calling upon the Brotherhood of vampire hunters he had created, he asked them to protect and guide Paloma. When his friends the Hyde-White's finally reappeared, it was a bittersweet reunion -- they'd come to do what Milosh had tutored them to do -- to destroy the ravening vampire he'd become. Milosh only had one chance to try another Blood Moon ritual to save himself, but before he did that the author brings you on a suspense filled ride as Milosh tries one more time to destroy Sebastian, or die trying.

Ms. Thompson did a wonderful job in giving a vivid image of the evil that was Sebastian; the innocence of Paloma; and the descent into madness that Milosh was fighting. I loved the original creation of Somnus (Milosh's vampire stallion) and the era's depicted as she brought the reader along from the Regency years through the Victorian as reflected in the original dialog cant of the time periods. Her version of good vs. evil in her paranormal world of shape shifting beings was phenomenal.

While this is definitely a stand-alone story with enough back-stepping to bring the reader into the moment and up to speed, I highly suggest that you read all three in sequence and treasure them. Treasure them knowing that as author Dawn Thompson once graced and gifted this world with her lyrical and creative historical romance and paranormal stories, the romance world has lost this shining star.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted March 17, 2008


The Ravening
(Blood Moon: Book 3)
by Dawn Thompson

Love Spell
January 1, 2008
Available: January 29, 2008
ISBN #0505527278
EAN #9780505527271
368 pages
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