"a young adult epic in the tradition of Lord of the Rings"

Once peace reigned in the alliance of the Golden Circle; a league of Elves Dwarves, Men and Renali. Now the alliance is in ruin, broken by an enemy from the north with a massive army of hideous creatures. As foretold in the ancient prophecy, this reign of fear has lasted 16 years, but a second prophecy tells of one who will lead the former allies in reclaiming the glory of the Golden Circle. Their only hope is to find the Princess of Malenia. She has been missing and thought dead by many since the downfall of the Golden Circle, but an elven queen has faith that she still lives.

Lady Diadelle of Dandana, queen of the Elven land of Lapisloman, has sent her most trusted messenger, Dangaril Rainbranch, to summon the leaders of the former alliance to council. Their only hope in regaining the alliance of the Golden Circle is to find the missing princess and unite to face the evil enemy once and for all.

Pax is home to a cast of noble characters that will win your heart and have you cheering them on. An epic in the tradition of Lord of the Rings, this quest is well paced and well written; a story that is sure to be a hit with middle age readers and enjoyed by readers of all ages. This is the author's debut work, and I look forward to more tales of the Golden Circle.

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October 5, 2004

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted March 16, 2008


Pax is a fantasy story in the tradition of the Lord of the Rings. While written on a pre-teen level, this story has been loved by all who have read it from children to adults; anyone who loves a good story full of adventure and romance.

Where is the missing princess? That is the question that weighs upon Lady Diadelle's mind. Where did King Thine hide his heir?

It began with a prophecy that broke the unity of the circled lands and covered the world in shadow. Overrun with evil, the people drew back to their strongholds. No people trusted another; hatreds kindled like flames. The peace and unity of the Golden Circle Alliance was but a distant memory.

Consumed with thoughts of war, the rulers of the other countries - Malenia, Talanen, and Renalion - cannot spare a thought to a missing princess or to lost unity. Despite Lady Diadelle's urgings, they insist that each race can defeat the enemy alone. Yet after the dwarf capital is attacked, they realize that they must do something before that are annihilated from the world. Yet what good would a council with the dwarves do?

As the evil grows stronger, taking in more of the land, the only hope that the people have is a second prophecy. The one foretelling that the human heir would come and unite the four lands, reforging the alliance of the Golden Circle. But few believe in the old prophecy anymore and fewer still think the princess is even still alive.

And just who is Pax?


by Meg Davis
December 1, 2003
ISBN #1591134579
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132 pages
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