"Greek Myths Brought To Life!"

The God of War Ares demands his daughter Thera act like a God and kill. Thera prefers not to destroy living beings, but Ares forces her to act, which she does by killing his favorite raven. Ares vows vengeance on his "weak" offspring. Ares wants war between the humans and the centaurs. However, King Mezentius of Trozen prefers peace and unity between the two races. An irate Ares places a spell on the sovereign's offspring, Kyros. Watching his son be human during the day and centaur at night breaks the spirit of the monarch, who dies from his broken heart.

Ares revises his plan by having Thera marry Kyros' older brother, the current ruler of Trozen and impregnating her with a Centaur's seed. However, Kyros intercedes and though he never touched Thera, she carries his child. Soon, renegade centaurs and his own brother want Kyros and Thera dead so genocide can have an excuse to be performed. It remains to Kyros to keep Thera alive, thwart her father's devious plan, and get two species talking not fighting so that a devastating war does not occur.

KYROS SECRET is a cross between the Hercules-Xena TV shows and the movie Shadowhawk, but as entertaining as all three are. The story line is loaded with action as the intrepid lead characters struggle with an attraction and their efforts to live a moral life their way. Ares, Aphrodite, and Thera's older twin Harmonia along with the centaurs bring a feel for the Greek myths to life while helping to propel the plot forward. This novel is must reading by fantasy fans who will soon know the secret that Elizabeth Rose is quite a talent.

Harriet Klausner / January, 2001
Copyright 2001

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 17, 2001


She is a fallen goddess. He is a cursed man. By the powers of the gods she is pregnant with his child though he's never even touched her. A heroic act brings them together, but his dark secret threatens to tear them apart in . . . Kyros' Secret.


Kyros' Secret
by Elizabeth Rose

WigWam Publishing (New Leaf Books)
October 1, 2000
Available: November 8, 2006
ISBN #1930076037
EAN #9781930076037
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