"From finding true love to defeating evil, this book has something for everybody"

In the Gloaming, an anthology of Faerie stories features many talented authors. Each story varies from finding true love to escaping the clutches of an evil faerie.

At the Edge of Twilight by Cora Zane. Colleen O' Shea moves into her aunt's old house after her divorce from Georges. She begins to fix up the old place when suddenly she is surrounded by memories. One of the memories is her aunt telling her never to go beyond the garden out into the forest. One night Colleen ignores her advice and decides to venture out in the forest. She discovers true love in her own back yard.

Robin's Cap by Esmerelda Bishop is a frightening story about Graham Parish and Kat Davis. They are a couple who try to rekindle their love for one another in Scotland. While touring this beautiful county, the two decide to stop at the famous Hermitage Castle, a place that is rumored to be surrounded by evil. What they discover is an evil faerie named Robin Cap. Faced with danger, the two begin to see just how much they mean to one another. But can they escape the clutches of the evil Faerie?

The Icicle by K.M. Frontain is an erotic story about a woman name Elli who decides to take a trip with her family to her step brother's chalet in Norway. While her family decides to go out and explore Norway, Elli is left behind because of a broken leg. However, she has no problem finding ways to fill her time. Elli discovers pleasure she has never felt before when elves pay her a visit she will never forget.

The Dream by Nita Wick is a story about a woman named Katie who while taking a trip to Scotland decides to venture off into the woods looking for enchanted creatures. While on her little journey, she begins to feel tired and decides to take a little nap on a wooden bridge. Katie is soon awakened by the sight of an ugly troll who wants her off his bridge. Katie thinks this is all a figment of her imagination and she argues with the troll. But she is rescued by a gorgeous looking man named Aidan McLain whom Katie knows from her recurring dreams. Soon Katie begins to believe that this is all part of dream. However things begin to feel all too real. Could this just be dream?

The Enchanted Meadow by Kelley Heckart. When the warriors from the Raven Clan are sent to guard the King's cattle, odd things begin to happen. Their Clan leader Taran sees's a face in a huge oak tree but he dismisses it as a trick of the mind. But when cattle starts disappearing right under their noses, it's obvious things are wrong. Taran gets a visit from a wood elf who gives him mind blowing pleasure but she also gives him a warning. The evil that lurked around this place is the same evil being that had made her a prisoner of the oak tree. Taran just has to figure out that the key to everyone's survival lies within him.

In the Gloaming is a collection of amazing stories written by five very talented authors. Each story is so unique and well written. From finding true love to defeating evil, there is something for everybody in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know others will too.

Reviewed by Beth Senters
Posted March 15, 2008


Faeries come from all cultures and countries and range in appearance from lovely to terrifying to looking like an everyday person. Some are benign, some malevolent. Based on actual faerie lore, this anthology incorporates the work of five spectacular authors who have penned tales of iridescent ice beings, fey men who love you into forgetfulness, frightening creatures who wear caps of human skin, enchanted lovers from a long lost era, and the land of faerie dreams.

Step into the world of glamour where the beautiful, the dreamy, the vicious, and even a bit of the sexually bizarre will captivate you--but beware of the fey's beguiling ways!

Rating: Up to Sizzling
Book Length: Novel
Genre: Fantasy/Anthology

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In the Gloaming
by Cora Zane, Kelley Heckart, Nita Wick, K. M. Frontain, Esmerelda Bishop

Freya's Bower
March 1, 2008
Available: March 25, 2008
ISBN #1935013041
EAN #9781935013044
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