"An Incredible Fantasy Encompassing Ancient Mythology"

When Ares, God of War, fails to instill warrior instincts in his daughter Thera, he devises a new plan. He will make her the catalyst for a long awaited war, pitting human's against the centaurs he despises.

Pittheus, King of Trozen would be all to happy to oblige. He wishes to see the centaurs annihilated.

The centaur camp is divided. They are currently without a king. Those who espouse peace follow Chiron, those who crave war follow Rodas.

It is Rodas who willingly becomes the second pawn in Ares' war game. Ares, has betrothed Thera to Pittheus, but first he will insure that Thera carries a centaur child within her womb. Rodas had eagerly agreed to sire the child.

Knowing that Thera is unlikely to be a willing participant, Ares devises to accomplish the deed without the act, sending a beam of light toward the pair.

But there is another who wishes to end hostility between humans and the centaurs. Kyros, younger brother of Pittheus, prefers to continue his father's legacy of peace. Kyros has his own history with Ares, and happening upon the scene, he does the only thing he can think of to prevent the harm that is about to be done. He throws himself into the beam. He has no idea that he will soon become a father, a role he had never dared to hope for.

Thera is overjoyed, for she has been told that, as part of her punishment, her immortality had been stripped from her. Bearing a centaur child would have meant her death, but with Kyros as the father she now has hope. She is not unhappy to be a human; she had not been particularly happy as a goddess. She had not fit into either of her parents' worlds.

Ares already despises Kyros but realizes that all is not lost, for Pittheus hates Kyros nearly as much as he hates the centaurs. Knowing his bride carries Kyros' child should be enough to start a war.

Being the type of man he is, Ares knows that Kyros will take his daughter under his wing. This plays right into his scheme. At first Kyros tells himself he is only watching over his child, but he isn't able to deny his feelings for long, hopeless though they may be. Thera has found Kyros easy to love, but Kyros has a secret, one that would surely tear them apart, perhaps even end Thera's life. One thing he knows for sure, his brother will never possess her, no matter what the cost.

This story was a pleasant change of pace. Ms. Rose has penned an incredible fantasy encompassing ancient mythology, but which doesn't bog the reader down in historical detail and language. Kyros' Secret is a tale of the kind of love that overcomes prejudice. The hero is unique but entirely believable. I look forward to Ms. Rose's next effort and hope it is a sequel!

Copyright 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 17, 2001


She is a fallen goddess. He is a cursed man. By the powers of the gods she is pregnant with his child though he's never even touched her. A heroic act brings them together, but his dark secret threatens to tear them apart in . . . Kyros' Secret.


Kyros' Secret
by Elizabeth Rose

WigWam Publishing (New Leaf Books)
October 1, 2000
Available: November 8, 2006
ISBN #1930076037
EAN #9781930076037
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