"Lycan Mercenaries Battling for Revenge and Love"

Brought back from the dead, and with a deathwish of her own over the death of her twin, Dragana wants only one thing, revenge on those she holds responsible; humans and their research techniques. Her team has been divided after a mission gone bad.

From a shadowy cell emerges Cristoval, the Lycan's resistance leader, also being held captive. While Earth is suffering from an upcoming Civil War, two of the strongest warriors are thought to be dead.

As both Dragana and Cristoval vie for control and seek revenge on those they hold responsible for their family and comrades lost, will the two fighters have a winner in their battle of wills? Can a woman who has survived death ever trust herself to a man who demands control?

If you are looking for an action packed ride with lots of firepower, this is it. The main thing lacking is more background on the supporting characters who play pivotal roles in the story. It would help to read this series in order to understand where the conflicts started and where the inner struggles both Dragana and Cristoval faced. These are two independent characters that have been forced to survive against insurmountable odds.

A quick and satisfying read for those that like lots of action.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Kelton
Posted March 12, 2008


She went down in a hail of bullets, but even hell didn't want her.

In the eyes of the law, Cristoval is a freak who ought to be hunted down and destroyed. To the thousands who look to him for guidance and strength, he's the resistance's charismatic leader, a man who sacrificed even his own happiness for the cause. When he meets a woman who eclipses every other, a Valkyrie fierce and forceful, he knows he's been given a second chance.

To a woman who faced death and came out on top, the towering lycan with the haunted eyes is an anchor in a sea of chaos, a pillar in a world gone mad. He'd be more if she just let him. And she wants to. But the enemy has to pay for what they did to Cristoval and her, for stealing their chance, for twisting something good into an aberration.

If she has to drag her enemy down to hell herself, then she'll do it. She's been there. She knows the way.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Werewolf
Book Length: Novel

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(Lycan Warriors: Book 3)
by Nathalie Gray

Ellora's Cave
February 1, 2008
Available: February 29, 2008
ISBN #1419914685
EAN #9781419914683
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