"A modern day fairy tale that will capture your heart"

In Fairy Dreams by Brenna Lyons, Xanthe was a beautiful fairy who decided to give up all her powers for Bran Blake, a human she dearly loved. A curse was laid upon them that all children born would be female and Bran Blake would have no male heir. The Blake Estate continued to be passed on from mother to daughter. When Katie Barrett passed, the land was given to her niece Mollie Hardy.

Mollie Hardy is a headstrong business woman who worked alongside her cousin until she could no longer stand listening to his ill-advised business ventures. She needed something different. She longed for the land her Nana used to tell her about and she desired a simpler life.

When Mollie arrived at the estate, she was met by William Cadal. As Katie's executor, he must mentor Mollie by showing her how to run the estate. While settling in to the estate, Mollie picked up a book of Fairy tales that she remembers from her childhood. Seeing that the book gives Mollie comfort, Cadal doesn't reveal that it is actually a historic record and not just fairy tales. Only over time does he reveal his secrets to Mollie.

Since her early years Mollie has had dreams about a man with blue eyes but whose features are unclear. She swears though, this man is Cadal. She soon has to come to terms with her feelings while at the same time, accepting that she is descended from a Fairy. At the same time, Cadal begins to see that, while Mollie shares some qualities with his beloved Xanthe, she is also very much her own person. She touches his heart like no one before.

Time is running out, though, as Cadal must soon return home to the Fairy realm and assume his rightful position of Fairy Master. Will Mollie embrace her destiny and join Cadal?

Fairy Dreams by Brenna Lyons is absolutely fabulous. I loved this book beginning to end. This story offers wonderful characters and an intriguing plot, which keeps you reading until you have finished the book. I can not say enough about this one. Brenna you've got yourself a new fan.

Reviewed by Beth Senters
Posted March 8, 2008


To save their family lands from their unscrupulous neighbor, Cadal agrees to act as trustee to the Blake estate until Mollie, the youngest of the Blake women, is established at running it. Cadal expects to meet a child, but when Mollie arrives in Ballynaclogh, he finds himself face to face with a woman who is more than his equal.

When she retreats to the Blake estate, all Mollie wants is to start over, but she finds much more. From the first time she meets William Cadal, she knows him. Mollie should know him; she has dreamed about him for half of her life. That makes Cadal a dangerous distraction to her newfound freedom, but she will go to almost any lengths to find out how close her dreams are to the truth. Little does she know that all her dreams are true, even the ones that can't possibly be.

Note:Possible offensive materials - rape and attempted rape (NOT between hero and heroine), moderate violence)

Additonal information from author:

HEA - yes
VIOLENCE - graphic
LANGUAGE - moderate
SEX - highly sensual

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Fairy Dreams
(dan Aidan Fairies: Book 1)
by Brenna Lyons

Mundania Press LLC
December 1, 2007
Available: December 10, 2007
ISBN #1594263949
EAN #9781594263941
356 pages
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