"an action-packed, suspenseful, and erotic tale"

When Claudia Hughes began her vacation, driving along the East Coast, she was just heeding the call of her instincts. She never imagined her drive would take her into the path of a serial killer female lycan, or into the arms of the clan hunter sent to stop her. She certainly never imagined it would land her in the middle of their fight, or an existence she'd thought only existed in folk tales and movies.

When James O'Connell, lycan prince, hunter and defender of his clan, began tracking Meghan, he never dreamed the race to stop her slaughter of innocent humans in the quest for power would land him in the role of caretaker for a beautiful human female undergoing the change to lycan after one of Meghan's vicious attacks. And he certainly never thought he'd find his lifemate, only to face the threat of losing her to the conversion, or to Meghan's deadly rampage.

This hot tale drops the reader right into the middle of the action, and the rollercoaster ride of suspense and passion barely slows until the final page. Though the relatively short length of the story and the high level of action doesn't give full opportunity for detailed character development, we still get a good feel for the main players— lonely Claudia, drawn to follow her dreams even when she doesn't understand them, and feisty enough to fight back even in the face of the frightening odds; and James, driven by duty to his clan, outraged by the rogue wolf Meghan, and blindsided by his unexpected (and awkwardly timed) obsession with Claudia, who may—or may not—survive her conversion, and whose welfare he is honor-bound to see to.

Call of Temptation is the third in Michelle M. Pillow's "Call of the Lycan" series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but (as with most series) it benefits most from being read in its proper order, after the first two. Anyone looking for an action-packed, suspenseful, and erotic tale that reads quickly should enjoy this series from the talented Ms. Pillow.

Reviewed by Julia Clark
Posted March 1, 2008


Book 3 in the Call of the Lycan series.

James O'Connell lives simply, except for the whole hunting-werewolves part. As one of the three lycan princes of the O'Connell clan, it's his duty to enforce the lycan law. When a member of their clan begins killing humans, he's sent to bring the rogue wolf in.

Claudia Hughes lives an ordinary life as a computer software analyst. Her mother and grandmother had psychic intuition, but hers is severely underdeveloped. Taking a solitary vacation, she trusts where instinct leads her and ends up at the end of some crazy woman's fangs. She's led into a surreal world where lycans exist and her life is in constant jeopardy. Passion and lust for the man who saves her should be the least of her worries, but her sexual attraction to James is just too strong to fight.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Werewolf
Book Length: Short Novel

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Call of Temptation
(Call of the Lycan: Book 3)
by Michelle M. Pillow

Ellora's Cave
January 1, 2008
Available: January 23, 2008
ISBN #141991443X
EAN #9781419914430
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