"Fabulous Finale to the Andrew Sisters Trilogy"

Set in 1880, Gemini Andrews is a witch with a unique ability to see, hear, and actually converse with ghosts. At the request of her mother and for her own safety Gemini had suppressed her ability and never told her other two sisters (each having their own special talents) just how horrifying her 'gift' could sometimes be. When Captain Deverell Jansen, returned nine months after Gemini and he had shared a special kiss, Gemini didn't need psychic abilities to know he was the only man she would ever love. But what brought him back into her and her family's life was news of another sadistic killer who had begun a reign of terror in a nearby port. A killer whose MO was almost identical to Jack Poole, the maniacal serial killer who had terrorized her sisters and whom they thought dead.

If she could speak to the ghost of the murdered women Gemini knew she would be able to identify Jack Poole, so Gemini stows away on Dev's ship. Discovered on board, Deverell's only chance to save Gemini from her own ruination, as well as from his superstitious crew is to marry her at sea. While infinitely attracted to the stubborn witch, Deverell is plagued with his own secrets knowing he is not worthy of her love, but will do whatever he can to save her from his enemies, as well as the evil spirit that wants to consume her.

*** If you're looking for edge of the seat thrills along with a huge splash of sensual pleasure you have found absolute perfection with Jennifer St. Giles SILKEN SHADOWS. This wonderful historical paranormal is the last book depicting three sisters gifted with psychic abilities -- abilities that can at times be more of a curse. I read the first book of the series, missed the second, and now have finished up with this the third and final book of the series and will tell you truthfully that this is a complete stand alone, but -- and this is a big BUT -- you simply must read the whole series, out of order or any order -- St. Giles is just that good!

Ms. St. Giles has a beautiful touch in gothic prose that reminds me of some of my very first and favorite gothic romance authors i.e. Victoria Holt and Daphne duMaurier. Only with the current times she has added in new twists and unabashed sensuality that will make you tingle in all those private places, and an absolutely horrid evil serial killer who will set your teeth on edge.

Gemini is somewhat likened to the Ghostwhisper of television fame, but naturally set in a whole different era, and with a special twist that could kill her. The author develops this character making the reader squirm with dread as well as heady desire. Deverell is also fashioned well, handsome and sexy with his own personal baggage, along with his two old salt sidekicks Pierre and Davey who are fabulous at adding a wonderful comedic bit of levity to the story.

Believe me, the mystery, the paranormal elements, and the wonderful romance all add up to this being an outstanding and highly recommended read that fans and new readers alike should not miss.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted February 27, 2008


When Gemini Andrews laid eyes on Captain Deverell Jansen, she didn’t need her psychic abilities to know that he would soon be hers. It was just a matter of convincing him. So when Gemini learns of his voyage to Northrope in search of a vicious killer whose victims are left strewn among the Druid Stones, she hatches a plan. Knowing she can help—and with hopes of growing closer to Dev—she stows away on his ship…

Dev is shocked to discover Gemini, knowing what this kind of stunt could do to her reputation. Yet after learning of her powers, he realizes he does need her, in more ways than one. These murders could be the work of notorious killer Jack Poole—but from beyond the grave? Together they are thrust into the realm of the supernatural, and Dev must trust in the love that Gemini is so certain of—or else there’s no hope of withstanding the strength of a killer’s thirst…

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Silken Shadows
(Killdaren Series: Book 3)
by Jennifer St. Giles

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
December 1, 2007
Available: December 4, 2007
ISBN #0425217949
EAN #9780425217948
320 pages
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