"Fascinating madcap adventure of sleuthing!"

Jaclyn Jade, a model at the top of her career is murdered. Charles Charles, the messenger gives her three choices: return to Hell—Hell being life on earth, a continuous cycle until one gets it right; Two, she can remain a spirit, seeing Hell but only as a spectator; the third choice is to go back as an Open Spirit, figure out why she didn't make it into Heaven and if she does she will go straight to the pearly gates. But there's a catch—a time limit. If she fails she will remain a Spectre ghost forever, never entering Heaven or Hell. Jaclyn decides to take her chances and along the way she discovers a few things about herself, new friends (alive and dead) and what it means to fall in love.

Logan Smith is a Spectre ghost, one that should have went straight to Hell but was missed. Now he roams the apartment where Jaclyn was murdered. He vows to help Jaclyn no matter the costs.

Morgan Reed, a psychic and also the photographer with the police. The police deem Jaclyn's death a suicide, but when Morgan hears Jaclyn's ghost speaking to another ghost, she investigates further. Morgan will risk her career and her relationship to help Jaclyn discover the truth.

Ms. Vann's tale of Heaven and Hell and in-between is a fascinating madcap adventure of sleuthing. Not only will the killer be revealed along with the reasons for the unjust murder, but the tale also unfolds the lives and hopes of each of the characters. The journey is one of self-discovery, leading the characters down a road of forgiveness, acceptance and love. Well done!

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted February 24, 2008


After Jaclyn Jade died, she didn't go straight to Heaven or back to Hell. She found herself in the middle and with a choice. If she searches and ultimately discovers the inaccuracy that caused her to fall short of grace, she will be able to redeem herself and go to Heaven. Since she was murdered, she hopes her killer will lead to the truth behind her fate. In the meantime, she must live in the unfamiliar spirit world, learning its rules, boundaries and skills. Unfortunately, the only one there to teach her is an arrogant ghost named Logan.

Logan Smith is an old soul. His existence has been mundane until the murder of Jaclyn Jade, a beautiful yet insufferable woman. While helping Jaclyn, he is reminded of his own demise and is haunted by a past that is resurrected when a psychic, Morgan, overhears him and Jaclyn talking. Even though he is worried that his world will come crumbling down around him, he believes Jaclyn's future justifies every sacrifice.

Ever since Morgan Reed could remember she could hear the voices of the dead. Not until Jaclyn and Logan had a ghost ever spoken to her, much less ask for her help. What she doesn't know is that being invited into the spirit world may expose her psychic abilities and destroy her way of life.

Personalities, eras and worlds collide as this mismatched paranormal trio set out to solve the mystery of Jaclyn's murder.

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Jaclyn's Ghost
(Dark Tarot: Death)
by Dorlana Vann

Tease Publishing
March 1, 2008
Available: March 1, 2008
ISBN #193467852X
EAN #9781934678527
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