"Fiona Jayde has created a wonderful, exciting world"

Trent O'Blak is working aboard the GrimJustin and has to hide that he is a retired GenAlt Soldier. He was undercover until he was called to retrieve the head scientist and get him to safety. This scientist needed his protection because he found the alteration that caused a lot of horrible pain to many thousands of people just like him. It isn't a job he really wants to do, but he is needed and a soldier does what needs to be done. On the ship along with Trent is MedTech Lilian Oser who up to this point has pretty much lived a quite boring life on the GrimJustin, but that all changes when Trent is contacted to go to Arius Prime. Lilian has past pains and feelings that she has kept hidden that want to come out when she hears where he is going. The taste of revenge is strong in Lilian; it makes her whole body burn with the want to reap her revenge on the people that caused this pain. All Lilian knows is that she will get the revenge she so needs no matter what, she will find a way to Arius Prime. She also will show Trent that she can handle anything he dishes out. Will Trent be able to show Lilian that there is more to life than the revenge that is eating away at her?

Fiona Jayde has created a wonderful, exciting world with this series. The way she takes these people and shows the pain they feel, the way they need to be shown that they are loved, needed. Lilian has such pain and need for revenge, but she needs to find a way to get past it because it is eating her up. Will Trent be the one to show her there is more? I look forward to reading more books by Fiona Jayde.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted February 24, 2008


GenAlt -- superhuman, super strong. High risk status. Aboard the GrimJustin, Trent O'Blak hides his identity as a retired GenAlt soldier, until he is called upon to safely retrieve the head scientist responsible for the alteration and subsequent pain of thousands of others like him.

MedTech Lilian Oser leads a quiet and sensible life aboard GrimJustin until Trent is called to Arius Prime and the old need for revenge burns through every cell of her now strong body.

She will get to Arius Prime. She will take her revenge. And she will prove to Trent that she can handle anything the big GenAlt can dish out.


Genre(s): Futuristic, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): Ménage
Length: Novella

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(GrimJustin: Book 3)
by Fiona Jayde

Changeling Press
August 1, 2007
Available: August 1, 2007
ISBN #1595967370
EAN #9781595967374
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