"a collection of passionate stories"

Vampire Master
Mel Andre had always wanted to know how it would feel to surrender to not only a vampire, but a Master Vampire. The day came where she was given the chance to find out. Vampire Ancient Zigor couldn't believe his luck when he comes face to face with his blood supply for that night. She wasn't just fresh blood, no, she was a woman that would test him and make him feel such strong passion, like he has not felt in a long time if ever. If Mel wants to feel overpowered then he is the man for the job. Will one night be enough? Or will neither except just one night?

Vampire Crusader
Charles Free had been an honorable protector of not just humans, but also vampires. But he found out the hard way when he was put in a situation where he had to protect a human and in the process is horribly injured. Now he feels that no one could ever want him with how he looks. He can't allow the woman he loves to look on his face when he can't himself. Marie Connor, a woman that loves him more than anything isn't willing to give up hope on the man she loves. To her love isn't killed when one of the partners is injured, no, love is stronger than skin deep. So when Connor comes back into his life after vanishing, Marie isn't willing to lose him again. She tries to keep hope alive while going on with her life, but she knew the day would come when she would find him again. And that day came when a gentle masked man comes to her at a masquerade party. Can Marie get Connor to see that no matter what she loves him? Will Connor believe Marie and allow the two of them to love and be with each other forever?

Vampire Guardian
Woodrow Quint isn't happy when he is put as guardian to Dechrista Davis. Dechrista makes him feel things he isn't ready to. She is a very beautiful singer that shares a night of mind blowing sex and in the end she is changed into a vampire. She is put with a man that will show her the ropes on being a new vampire. But in the process she meets a man that sets not only her body on fire but also makes her feel whole, safe like she never has before. Dechrista knows she will have to fight for Woodrow when he is against being her protector because of what she makes him feel. Can she get him to see with his mind and body when he can't see her with his eyes? To see how perfect they are for each other? Woodrow comes to terms that he will help Dechrista as much as he can through the transition of being newly changed. When he gets her through this then he will send her on her way. Oh boy how wrong could he be? The more he is around her the more he wants and needs her.

Intimate Relations
Who would have thought that two very ancient vampires would become a couple? Having years under their belts on what they want and need out of their partners. You have Rolon Asler who is one of the most highly talented vocalists around. But with being one of the most sought after vocalists also comes no privacy or relief for a private life; the pain and wondering if they want him for him or who he is has caused Rolon to not let anyone into his heart. Then you have Autumn Arien who is a very sensual, highly erotic Mistress, but lives with past pain from abuse she had lived through years before. Up till this point she has told herself that she wouldn't ever let a man have such control over her or her life again. So you have two people that have been hurt and are not willing to allow someone in until they meet each other, then all the bets are off. The passion explodes between the two, but still they hold back out of fear of being hurt. Will they ever trust each other?

Elizabeth hoped that if she kept up with sending Onan Christmas gifts that it would soften his heart and get him to allow her in. She wanted with all her heart for Onan to forgive her for a past mistake that she had done centuries ago. So since sending him presents hasn't worked up till now Elizabeth has decided it is time to change her tactics and see if Onan can keep ignoring her. To Onan loyalty is all there is and if you break that loyalty then that is it, no going back. Can Elizabeth get Onan to forgive her? Or break her heart?

This series by Kate Hill just blew me away. When I started to read this series I just couldn't put it down. I especially loved Vampire Master, with Zigor and Mel. I loved the way that Zigor took Mel in hand and gave her what she desired and more. What woman wouldn't love it? You know with any series as they go along sometimes they just lose steam. Oh no, not this series. It just kept going and going with such passionate stories that pulled at your heart. I have loved Kate Hill for years.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted February 24, 2008


Follow the erotic adventures of the Ancients at Burgundy Peak

Lust abounds within the walls of Burgundy Peak, haven for vampires. Mortals and immortals alike confront their deepest, darkest fears and desires. Step inside to find out if they're willing to pay the steep price for true love.

This award willing saga contains five previously released Blood and Soul novellas.


Genre(s): Paranormal, Collections
Theme(s): Vampires
Series: Blood and Soul
Length: Collection

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Blood and Soul
(Blood and Soul: Books 1-5)
by Kate Hill

Changeling Press
October 1, 2007
Available: October 1, 2007
ISBN #1595966226
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