"one of the best ongoing series"

Dorky Shanningan has gone so many years being alone, not being around others. She is told she is "Unique" due to a secret that keeps her from being able to show her face freely like most people. She can't even show her face to the one man that she would love to the most, Grey O'Toole, an operative that makes her body go up in flames with just his voice. See, Dorky's job is to keep the operatives up to date on the evil paranormal forces they are fighting against. But she has gotten to the point that she needs more, she needs to connect with more than a voice; it isn't enough anymore. She wants to be around other agents, but in doing that she puts them at risk to shatter their understanding of the normal world and could put them in deep danger; she can't do that, especially to Grey. But the day comes when she must ask Grey to help her, she is in danger from the Prehistoric Malevolence that has found her after many years of trying and will do anything, anything to take her out, even kill her. Can Dorky trust that Grey can help and that he will not pay for helping her?

Grey O'Toole can't get enough of Dorky's voice when he has the chance to talk to her on the phone when he needs information. The sound of her seductive voice sets him on fire. He has spent years just talking to her on the phone, this mysterious woman that can drive him to the edge and back. All Grey knew was that he needed to meet the woman that has fueled the many dreams and fantasies of her and her body and what he wanted to do to her; he must meet her and soon. Then one night his dream comes true when she has to ask him for his help. Grey will do anything for this woman, no matter what it takes or what dangers it might bring. Because someone is after the woman he loves, and no one, no one was going to hurt his woman.

Well Denise A Agnew did it again. She wrote one of the best stories I have EVER read. Her Special Investigations Agency series is one of the best ongoing series, with strong story lines, strong alpha males, strong mystery and intrigue that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Dorky Shannigan had been alone, closeted off from people because of who and what she is. But she wanted and needed more, And more was named "Grey O'Toole". Talking to Operative Grey over the years has built such need in her that she needed to meet this man. But she also feared what it might cause him if he did. She was a woman torn, she needed the man she loved, but she also feared that he wouldn't be able to take who and what she was. Then you have Grey O'Toole, and man that has been in love with Dorky's voice for years, and now he wanted to put the voice with a face and body, he had to. Then both of their dreams come true when Dorky needs Grey's help, and he comes running. This is a story that will keep you guessing to what will happen next. I couldn't put it down. In my eyes, this author just keeps getting better and better.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted February 23, 2008


Clandestine (adj.) Concealed, usually for some secret or illicit purpose.

Deep in the bowels of Special Investigations Agency a secret stays underground that could change the world…

Dorcas “Dorky” Shannigan has spent most of her unique life closed off from others, for she isn’t exactly like most people. No, she has a secret that keeps her from showing her face to the world, including Grey O’Toole, an operative that stirs her blood with only the sound of his husky voice. Enclosed in her underground library, she keeps agents informed with her wealth of knowledge about evil paranormal forces. Part of her aches to connect more closely with the other agents, but to do so would shatter their understanding of the natural world and possibly put them in peril.

He’ll make it his mission to see her once and for all. Or die trying…

Grey O’Toole loves the silky, seductive sound of Dorky’s voice, and over two years of chatting with the illusive woman has driven him to the edge of his tolerance. Obsessed, he concocts an elaborate plan designed to penetrate the library and meet the woman who has fueled a thousand of his fantasies. One night his dream comes true, and she must ask him for help. For a prehistoric malevolence has found her after years of searching and will stop at nothing to destroy her.

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(Special Investigations Agency: Book 11)
by Denise A. Agnew

Ellora's Cave
July 1, 2007
ISBN #1419911546
EAN #9781419911545
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