"Ms. Austin brings this fantasy to life"

Who would think that hiking in the mountains can change your life for the better? While hiking in the mountains, Anita falls getting a concussion that causes her to not remember things clearly. While she tries to figure out where to go while battling the feeling of being lost and in pain, she realizes she is being followed by a big black jaguar. But it's not only a jaguar, it can shift into a very tall and very hot stranger. The strange thing is, she isn't afraid of this man. The voice she hears in her head doesn't scare her, it tells her to follow him and it makes her feel like she is doing the right thing. Soon she finds herself at a cave where the stranger takes care of her injuries, and later sees him change back into his Cat form, curling himself around her so that his fur can keep her warm. Confused but not scared while surrounded by his fur, she feels nothing but safe. When Anita wakes up again, she is in a hospital and finds out that she had been there eight days, how could this be, she wonders? She remembers little bits of a tall dark man that wasn't just a man. She knows that she wants this man no matter what he is, because he makes her feel safe, loved and what more could a woman ask for? So she starts on a quest to find out what had happened during her stay with the man/jaguar, to find out where and who he is, because this man is the man she loves and she plans to share her life with him. But what she doesn't know is that she faces a future that could find her or the man she loves facing death, can she live and love the man/jaguar? Or are they destined to not having the future they both crave and need?

All Rakahnja wanted was to keep the woman he had found and helped take care of her head injuries. He wanted to keep her as his mate but he knows that to do the right thing to keep her safe is to take her to the hospital to make sure she is really OK. He knows that he can only do so much, but with injuries like she had sustained, she needed more help then he could give. Just being with the woman the short amount of time he had, Rakahnja had fallen hard. But now he must put her safety above what he wants and desires to give her the medical help she needs, even if it tears him apart. He also fears that if she knew his whole story of what he is, would she even have stayed? So he takes her to the hospital and goes back to his lonely cave with his heart and thoughts on the woman he had just left in the care of others. Will he ever see her again? Or will he live the rest of his life dreaming and wishing she were there?

Wow, Nicole Austin did it again, she knows how to fill you with descriptions of the characters and the places they live that can blow you away. She builds the story and shows you the love that these two share for each other that just pulled at my heart, and made me wish that they would get what they deserved, each other. This world she built was full of fantasy that came to full life and vivid detail and made me feel I was right there with them. That shows a gift of words that brings the story to life. I can't wait to read more by Ms. Austin in the future.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted February 22, 2008


Lost, dehydrated, mired in a fog of confusion, Anita Bennett is being stalked through the mountains by a black jaguar with golden eyes. Or maybe it's a tall, dark and handsome man with those same stunning eyes. At first it all just seems like a fantastic hallucination.

Part man, part jaguar, Rakahnja knows he cannot keep the beautiful woman he finds injured in the mountains. Anita belongs to the human world, even though she's captured his heart. But he sees no harm with indulging the carnal instincts she stirs. At least until there's no choice left except returning his mate to the city.

Anita's fight to solve the mystery of eight lost days in the mountains leads to a hunt for the jaguar-man who haunts her fractured memories. Her plan find and seduce the lover she's certain is not a mere figment of her concussed mind. What she never anticipates is his resistance. Armed with only sheer determination and her stubborn refusal to give up, Anita finds that more than her happiness is at stake.

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Rakahnja's Haven
by Nicole Austin

Ellora's Cave
August 1, 2007
Available: August 1, 2007
ISBN #141991216X
EAN #9781419912160
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