"an exciting fantasy romance"

Arrane, King of the light magic Fae, sends Nakkole to the human realm to guard his son, Laird Gavin McCain. Gavin's mother had run from the Fae realm when she was pregnant with Gavin. Because Arrane and Gavin's mother are soulmates, when they are together they are stronger, but when they are separated, they weaken and die. Since Gavin's mother left and never told him about his Fae heritage, Gavin doesn't know that he is heir to the Fae throne. Because Queen Elphina, Arrane's daughter and Queen to the dark Fae, has found Gavin's location and seeks his demise, Arran sends Nikkole to protect his son and teach him about his powers and heritage.

DESTINY'S WARRIOR is an exciting fantasy romance with an interesting cast of characters. Gavin has abandonment issues, because his mother has been unable to give him attention--she is ill because of the separation from Arran-- and he thought his father was dead. Gavin must put aside the hurt little boy inside and learn to trust Nikkole. Nikkole is torn between loyalty to her king and her growing love for Gavin. Arrane and his queen have a nice secondary romance, and it was enjoyable to see these two tortured characters have a second chance at love. Perhaps my favorite character is the ogre with the heart of gold, who fights his own people because of his own innate goodness. All in all, DESTINY'S WARRIOR is an enjoyable fantasy romance, which I recommend.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted February 22, 2008


A love more powerful than magic.

Laird Gavin McCain, heir to the throne of fae, was raised as a human in order to preserve his life. Now, with his location discovered, Nakkole, a female guardian, is sent to protect him—and return him to the home he never knew…

But Gavin was raised not to believe in such things, and Nakkole must come to his aid in disguise. Convincing him of his dormant faery powers should prove a challenging task—especially when the very air seems clouded by the undeniable attraction they feel for each other.

And when an attempt on his life lands Gavin in a dream-like world, they discover their destinies entwined. While he must save the kingdom, she carries its future…

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Destiny's Warrior
by Heather Waters

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
December 1, 2007
Available: December 4, 2007
ISBN #0425219623
EAN #9780425219621
336 pages
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