"completely entertaining read"

MaryJanice Davidson fans, rejoice! MJ is back with three all new novellas from the Betsyverse! There's a story from her Fred the Mermaid series, one from the Wyndham Weres and one is an original Undead story.

In Undead and Wed: A Honeymoon Story, we catch up with our fair Queen Betsy and her to-die-for (literally) husband, King Sinclair, after Betsy has finally managed to drag Sinclair to the altar. This novella picks up where Undead and Uneasy ends.

After having arrived in New York City, Betsy dreams of experiencing Broadway, the Met, Ellis Island, and a real old-fashion NYC mugging. What? Isn't that what every newlywed dreams of for their honeymoon??

Unfortunately for them, soon after arriving at their hotel, they are ambushed, uh, I mean surprised to find Betsy best friend Jessica and her vampire-hating boyfriend, Detective Nick Berry awaiting them. But when teenagers start showing up dead around the hotel, can Nick and the vamps put aside their differences to help bring down the killer?

In Survivor, we re-visit the world of Fred the Mermaid. When survival expert Con "Bad Baby" Conlinson ends up stranded in a rowboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, due in no small part to his own arrogance and stupidity, he wonders how it is that Tom Hanks' character from Castaway gets a volleyball for a partner and he, Con Con the Survivin' Man, winds up with a severed head. Only, it seems that the head isn't so severed after all, but is attached to a beautiful mermaid.

Reanesta doesn't think much of herself. After all, she is missing all the beautiful colors of her people, and considers herself as a noncolor. But to Con, she is a vision of shimmering silver -- "from her long, flowing silver hair to her wavy silver fin." It soon becomes apparent that in order for Con to survive, he's going to have to learn to follow Reanesta's rules of survival in the sea. But the real question is, can Con survive living without her after he's rescued?

In the third short story, Speed Dating, Werewolf Style, we visit the Wyndham Weres. After being called by Michael, the pack leader, to help in a hunt for Antonia, Cain gets to catch up with all her old cub mates -- John, Michael, Derik, & Brendan -- only to find that they are all mated now with cubs of their own. How did this happen? Didn't they swear that none of them would be married before the age of 30? Well, hell. Determined not to be left the lone unmated were of the group, Cain now has 22 days to find a mate of her own. For as long as she can remember, Saul has been Cain's best friend. So when she turns to Saul in a last ditch effort for him to help find her a mate, she doesn't seem to understand why every blind date he sets her up with becomes a complete disaster -- or why Saul begins sabotaging her dating life. What could he possibly gain by making sure Cain stays single?

As I've said before, I'm not a huge fan of short stories -- for various reasons that I won't get into here. That being said, if you're an MJ junkie and in need of a quick fix before the next Undead, Fred the Mermaid, or Wyndham Were novel is released, these short stories hit the spot. The characters are hilarious and MaryJanice once again delights her fans with her own unique brand of humor and mayhem. If you're looking for a quick, enjoyable & completely entertaining read, I'd recommend giving Dead Over Heels a go.

Reviewed by Mippy Carlson
Posted February 21, 2008



Three all-new paranormal stories of lust, laughter, and love from the New York Times bestselling author, including an original novella featuring Undead queen Betsy Taylor.

With her trademark "sassy dialogue, lusty lovemaking [and] irreverent humor"* New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson delighted fans with her wickedly sexy and wildly funny anthology, Dead and Loving It-stories in which the worlds of the Wyndham Werewolves and Undead Queens collided. Now she returns to that sensual and irresistible after-dark realm of werewolves, vampires, and mermaids in three more original novellas--including an all-new Betsy Taylor novella.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter, Vampire, Anthology

Reading Order:

  1. Love's Prisoner from SECRETS, VOL 6 anthology
  2. Jared's Wolf from SECRETS, VOL 8 anthology
  3. Derik's Bane
  4. Santa Claws from NAUGHTY OR NICE anthology
  5. Dead and Loving It
  6. Dead Over Heels


Dead Over Heels
by MaryJanice Davidson

Berkley Pub Group
March 1, 2008
Available: March 4, 2008
ISBN #0425219410
EAN #9780425219416
288 pages
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