"an exciting shifter story that is emotional and hot"

Gillian Locke has to get away, she won't go through it again, she vows her ex-boyfriend will not touch her again and if he does, it will be over her dead body. She was beginning to think that's exactly how she'd finally be free. Her car broken down, lost and hopelessly cold she stumbles on a cabin to escape the snow and maybe escape her ex for at least a little while. She knew the inhabitants would return, however she was unprepared for the men that returned home to find her in their bed. Three incredibly gorgeous men, men that tell her incredible things, magical things, things she wants to believe. However, her ex-boyfriend won't allow her freedom and happiness. When he finds her he will not be above committing murder to ensure what he wants. She must face what she feels for these men and hope to keep them alive, even at the risk of her own death, but have they been honest or are they hiding something? Is this too good to be true for Gillian?

Ronan, Max and Connor Bearclaw hope that the Maker will bless them with the one woman to complete them, their Mate. Mate to all three of them, and when they find her they vow they will do whatever it takes to see her safe and see her in their bed, forever. But, they have a secret, one they fear will scare her more than the monster threatening her. No matter the danger facing her they will protect her and somehow try and make her stay with them forever. She must live in order for that to happen, and her dying was not acceptable to the brothers at all. These incredibly sexy men set out to protect their Mate and to seduce her with the single mindedness of the Bear. The beast that is a part of them driving them to claim their Mate, and the Maker willing, keep her alive and safe. With the blessing of the Maker, they will see her as their Mate if they all survive long enough.

This story is hot, exciting and has all the sexiness the author promises. Ms. Kyle has such a terrific and refreshing style. Her story is very compelling right from the start, the attraction is so hot it burns; this is one sexy set of triplets with a perfect mate to match. The storyline is emotional and hot, but was written with a fantastic wry wit that had me rolling. I love humor with my heat and thrills. Honestly, breathless and then laughing from start to finish. I love shape shifters, and the only way they get better is when there are three incredibly drop dead gorgeous ones at your beck and call. I loved this book, I did not put it down and it looks like it's going to be a favored reread for me as well. Hate to say it Ms. Kyle, but please tell your cat she isn't getting fed for a while if this book is any indication of how busy you will be! However, my cat can relate, because I'll be in front of my computer reading more of your stories and she will be chasing cursors! Have I said that I love Celia Kyle's humor, read it and see for yourself what I mean.

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted February 21, 2008


Gillian Locke has been beaten, battered, and bruised, but her ex-boyfriend still hasn’t managed to break her. When she left Kyle for the last time, she knew the only way she’d ever be back in his grasp is over her dead body. When her car breaks down at the top of a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm, she thinks nature will take care of her death for him. On the run, the last thing she expects is to be offered shelter by three gorgeous men who can’t seem to get enough of her.

The Bearclaw brothers are descendants of the ancient Anikota tribe of Indians. Their beast spirit and blessing from the Maker allows them the ability to sense the one who would complete their soul. Being triplets, they always expected their mate to be one woman they’d share. With the Maker’s blessing, they’ll be able to ease past Gillian’s defenses before her past threatens to end their future.


Molten Silver: m/m/m/f sexin'. The men are brothers, so there's no lovin' between them, but plenty showered on the heroine. Violence against the heroine from the bad guy. And did I mention hot m/m/m/f sexin?

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Battered Not Broken
by Celia Kyle

Liquid Silver Books
February 1, 2008
Available: February 20, 2008
ISBN #1595784195
EAN #9781595784193
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