"hot bounty hunter action!"

Zuri Starbreeze is a bounty hunter that is onto a catch of a lifetime, known as a cold blooded killer that is wanted alive or dead. But all that will change, that is for sure. Cade is hunting her; he knows she has a lot of skills on her side being an Agency Hunter. He wanted to draft her to join his smuggling ring; she was what they were missing to make the best team around. But when he gets a taste of Zuri he decides everything has changed, he wants her yes, but for himself, not to share with anyone else. He wants her as his other half, one that will be screaming his praises due to such high passion he will be giving her. What he can do to her body will set her free. So she will have a choice, she can summit to him and be freed by passion and love, or she can risk the danger of a killer on her tail. The things he can see himself doing to her body, soon to be his body, oh yeah this is the woman for him. But is she willing?

I love this series, just love it. The way these authors write a great story with such hot lovin' between the couples, oh yeah I am so there. I loved this story of passion, submission, heat, and oh the joys of some bondage to set you free. I could have crawled into this story and felt all the heat and passion. Keep these stories coming.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted February 17, 2008


Zuri Starbreeze is a bounty hunter on the trail of the catch of a lifetime. Her prey is a cold-blooded killer wanted dead or alive in every known system, and for good reason. Eight hunters have already died trying to bring him in.

What Zuri doesnt know is that Cade is hunting her. Knowing she has the elite skills of an Agency hunter, he wants her to join his smuggling ring, but once he samples her erotic skills, he hungers for more. He wants Zuri for his partner, all right. Just not the type of partner hed planned on.

Flat on her back, writhing and screaming in pleasure, Zuri has a choice. She can resist and risk the wrath of a killer, or submit -- and risk losing herself in a den of lust, kinky bondage, and wild sex. One thing's for sure, no matter her choice, she won't come out of this the same.

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(All Wrapped Up: Vol. 3)
by Marteeka Karland

Changeling Press
October 1, 2007
Available: October 1, 2007
ISBN #159596696X
EAN #9781595966964
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