"Love at First Sight - And a Ghost Too!"

The day before she was to leave for home in Toronto, Canada, Sally Carter skipped the last walk of her Wales Walking vacation to sit and have a coffee at the Celtic Café. There her attention was drawn to a beautiful young woman dressed in a Victorian era outfit sitting by the window, crying over what looked to be a hand-written diary. When she questioned the waitress who stopped by her table, the waitress was adamant the window table had been vacant all morning. Leaving the café Sally again saw her mysterious lady and raced after her until she simply vanished.

Not wanting to waste the last moments of her holiday, Sally entered a museum and saw her mysterious lady, only the young woman was in a photograph dated 1896 and her name was Isabelle Linden. Intrigued Sally wanted to discover more of this woman and was directed to contact a local authority on the Linden family - Professor Dan Conway who convinced her to extend her holiday to do a bit of sleuthing and for him to convince her of his love.

*** I was immediately drawn in by the book summary with the image of a Victorian lady weeping over a diary — an image only seen by the heroine of the story. Seeing as how this was a contemporary setting, I was overjoyed to think -- ah, a ghost story. Well, it does have something of a haunting, and the puzzle of who the shade was and why it appeared to Sally is part of the fun and something I am not about to reveal.

Now as to the very steamy part of the romance in the story, I can only say for those who believe in "Love at First Sight" (and who doesn't want to) this gem by Anita Birt is definitely a treat. While I didn't quite get a 'feel' for Sally, other than her fear of being hurt again after being dumped by her husband of twenty-two years, Dan's character definitely came across as so hot, I would have been thrilled to be the object of his intentions and attention.

This was a short story at 121 pages, and paced very well, and while I might have wished for a bit more of the paranormal element to have been brought more to the forefront, the steaminess of the romance clearly made up for it. All in all, I found it a pleasant read and loved the vivid imagery of the various locales and sights to see in Wales.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted February 15, 2008


On a sunny June morning in Llandrindod Wells, Sally Carter stops for coffee at the Celtic Café. She notices a beautiful young woman dressed in somber Victorian black sitting at a window table, weeping over the pages of a diary. When the girl disappears without a trace and the waitress insists the table had been vacant all morning, Sally is compelled to discover the girl's identity.

Unraveling the mystery leads Sally on a wild goose chase with the assistance of Dr. Dan Conway, a handsome Welsh history professor, but it's not until she returns home to Toronto that the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Even then the question lingers. Why was Sally the only person to see the girl?

Genre: Romance - Paranormal

Book Length: Novel

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Isabelle's Diary
by Anita Birt

Cerridwen Press
September 1, 2007
Available: September 6, 2007
ISBN #1419910450
EAN #9781419910456
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