"A true second chance at love story!"

Josette Monier has lived by herself out in the middle of nowhere for quite some time now, which is exactly the way she likes it. After what her mother put her through as a child, Josette's "gift" is uncontrollable. Of course, some might see it as a curse. Josette is one of the strongest seers among the Sazi, which has caused many problems for her. For Josette doesn't only see the past, she also sees what is happening at the current time and future events. There are times when Josette becomes so caught up in her visions, she has no idea where or when she is. Not surprisingly, there have always been assassins after her, but somehow, Josette has always managed to "take care of" them. So when she finds a snake after her, a South American snake at that, Josette really isn't shocked. After all, she has a long history with the leader of the snakes, Ahmad, and none of it good. The fact this snake is from South America is a bit of a shock though and she's thankful when a friend of her sister's comes by and helps her out. This friend also happens to be a agent of Wolven and asks Josette to come in with her. After Josette flatly refuses and the agent leaves, her house is blown up. Somehow, Josette manages to survive and when she's healed enough, she takes her new identification, money and flees.

At one time, Rick Cooper was a Wolven agent. When it got to the point where he felt he was nothing more than a glorified hit man and could no longer tell right from wrong, Rick left. Everything, including his wife, Josette. Of course, leaving Josette was the one thing he has regretted ever since. Rick's gift is empathy and he needed some time alone to learn how to control that. It's not easy to kill someone when he felt what his target did. So when he receives a visit from Charles, Amber (Josette's sister and Charles' wife) and Lucas (his old boss in Wolven), Rick knows something major is happening. And, unfortunately, Rick isn't wrong. Turns out all the Sazi foreseers have somehow been blocked from their gifts and are all ill. If the spell isn't broken soon, they will all die. So they need Rick to somehow convince Josette to help them. Josette is the only seer not affected by the spell due to what her mother did. Naturally, Rick accepts the assignment hoping he will have another chance with the love of his life.

So the two of them finally meet again and the sparks fly. Now the two of them are in a race against time to save the Sazi seers with assassins after them and Josette trying to discover who is behind it all with her visions.

Will Rick be able to keep Josette safe long enough for her to save the Sazi seers? Who is behind the plot to kill the seers and Josette? Will they stay alive long enough to reach their destination? Is there a chance for a reconciliation between Josette and Rick?

TIMELESS MOON is a thrilling, danger-filled ride as two lovers meet for a second time. C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp once again come through with this thrilling story of a love meant to be. We have all the ingredients we have become used to in a story by these two authors—the wonderfully developed world of the Sazi; new characters and old; plots and subplots galore and of course, true love. And we learn more of the plot against the Sazi. Honestly, these Sazi books just don't come out quickly enough for me. I just can't wait to meet and fall in love with the next characters introduced in this series and to see how it all ends up. I cannot praise any of the books C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp write highly enough.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted February 15, 2008


Josette Monier is a legend among the Sazi.

One of the most powerful, beautiful, and oldest Sazi in existence, she lives in self-imposed exile. Her gift of sight is so strong that to be around other living creatures is to be in pain.

What Josette has experienced lies beyond the scope of the Sazi, for her mate is in love with someone else. But when her gift of sight reveals trouble for her community, she knows that she has no choice. She must set aside her personal pain and save her people. And perhaps save herself and find love again.


Timeless Moon
(A Tale of the Sazi: Book 6)
by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp

Tor Books
March 1, 2008
Available: March 4, 2008
ISBN #0765356651
EAN #9780765356659
320 pages
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