"WOW! I love this story!"

Andy Greer is looking forward to a quiet night at home in her robe and a facial; when she opens her door to find one "hawt" guy and he is not just any guy, he is the Collector. Clarke Khent, aka the Collector for AAAAH (The Association for the Advancement of All American Heroes) tells her that she must go with him. That is after he spits out a few acronyms and claims that she is biologically related to a superhero.

Andy knows that she isn't a superhero or even related to a superhero, she sells women's shoes! She tries to explain this to the Collector but he doesn't take no for an answer and ends up labeling her as an "unwilling". While at AAAAH she is put with the other "unwillings" who are really descendents from superheroes and tested to the limit.

Andy finds herself falling for Clark who is one of her instructors at AAAAH and that is a no-no, especially for an "unwilling" like her; but the heat these two make when together is hard to resist.

WOW! I love this story! Dakota Cassidy took the seemingly serious superhero world, instilled humor and wit, along with some good old sass and came up with gold. She hooked me from the beginning and I found myself laughing out loud throughout this story. This was my first book by Dakota Cassidy, but it will not be my last (she has two books due out this year, one next month and another in July, both paranormals by Berkley ).

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted February 15, 2008


Andy Greer is just minding her own business selling ladies footwear when Rotham City's infamous AAAAH -- or The Association for the Advancement of All American Heroes -- comes to kidnap, er, collect her.

Clarke Khent, the world-renowned Collector, comes to collect Andy with the declaration that she's biologically related to one of the most famous crime fighters in the history of crime fighting and now, because her DNA matches, she must participate in a program to determine if she too has special abilities.

Uh, thanks but no thanks! Andy's only superpower consists of hunting down her favorite prey -- Jimmy Choo shoes. Labeled an "unwilling" and thrown into a class full of descendants who really are related to crime-fighting hierarchy, Andy's left in a hot mess of tests and classes she's told will hone her supposed skills. Which is caaaa-razy because Andy has no super anything. Except for her growing super -attraction to Clarke Khent, now one of her instructors, and someone who's totally off-limits to unwillings like herself.

But evil lurks in the heart of Rotham City.

It wants Andy. And her Jimmy Choos too...

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Comedy
Length: Novella

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by Dakota Cassidy

Loose Id
January 1, 2008
Available: January 1, 2008
ISBN #1596326182
EAN #9781596326187
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