"A nonstop thrill ride filled with action and steam that will leave you begging for more"

Regan Thomas is Sydney's leading animal physiotherapist; she is also a strong animal rights advocate. When Regan plans a lab raid into Epoc Industries Scientific Division, she gets more than what she bargained for. Regan witnesses animals in all conditions. The poor creatures have various tubes connected to them with fluids being drawn from their weak, frail bodies. Regan approaches a german shepherd in dire need of medical attention, but soon her eyes are drawn to a massive wolf who's been subjected to this brutal torture as well.

Regan, bound and determined to stop this madness, tries to set all the animals free. Her attempts are soon thwarted as Epoc's men bust into the lab. She has no choice but to fight and make a run for her life. With every fiber of her being she fights the men and just when things are starting to look a little rough for Regan, the wolf escapes his cage. Blood curdling screams are the much needed distraction to get Regan out the back entry gate she came in.

Filled with sorrow and grief that the lab raid was a bust, Regan calls it a night. After a brief slumber Regan finds the wolf from the lab lying on her sofa. Regan feels that something is just not right about the beast. Just then he morphs into a delicious male right before her eyes.

After a seemly unbelievable warning from the werewolf Declan, she calls her brother Peter, who is a detective. But her call is soon cut short; Declan knocks her out, so he can take her to safety. Scared for his sister, when the phone call ends abruptly, Peter and his new partner set out to find Regan and the man that captured her.

Once Regan finally accepts the fact Declan is a werewolf and witnesses a battle between Declan and McCoy, Epoc's beta, Regan realizes since she broke into the lab and saw the results of Epoc's experiments, she is now at risk. She also begins to believe everything Declan explained to her about Nathan Epoc's evil plan to suck the animals' life force out of their bodies so he can become a stronger, more unstoppable werewolf.

On the run with Declan, Regan soon realizes she's falling for him. While in hiding Declan and Regan have very hot and very intense sex. After an interesting ending, Declan reveals information about his now dead sister Maggie and McCoy.

With Epoc's pack hot on Declan and Regan's trail, and Peter's determination to find his sister, the adventure begins. Will Peter ever see his sister again? Can Declan keep his new love safe or will she end up suffering the same fate as his sister?

Lexxie Couper's Savage Retribution is an action packed thrill ride. This story had me on the edge of my seat; start to finish. This story is so strong and well thought out, and the heat between Declan and Regan will have romance readers begging for more. I had a wonderful time reading this story. Lexxie Couper can add another fan to her list.

Reviewed by Beth Senters
Posted February 13, 2008


An animal rights activist is about to get a crash course in werewolves. One she may not survive.

Lone Irish werewolf Declan O’Connell has lost everything—his family, his clan, even his freedom—to his arch-rival, Nathan Epoc. The head of an underground werewolf clan and a brilliant scientist, Epoc plans to use Declan to create a super-wolf, a creature capable of shifting the balance of power in the lycanthrope world. But Epoc’s plans are about to be thwarted.

Regan Thomas, a determined animal rights activist, rescues what she thinks is an ordinary wolf from his notorious animal testing facility in Sydney, Australia. She gets more than she bargained for when the wolf turns into an extremely hunky, extremely naked man who immediately drags her into a world where the clash between two opposing werewolf clans could spell the end of humankind.

Declan has survived without a clan for more years than he cares to remember, but sexy Regan stirs up all his fierce, alpha-wolf instincts. Now Declan has one last chance at revenge. But can he keep Regan alive, and resist the overwhelming attraction between them, long enough to stop Epoc?

Summer in Australia has never been this hot… or this dangerous.

Warning: this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, graphic violence, violent sex, high-speed car-chases, wild werewolf action and Australian sarcasm.

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Savage Retribution
by Lexxie Couper

Samhain Publishing
February 1, 2008
Available: February 19, 2008
ISBN #1599985063
EAN #9781599985060
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