"Emotionally charged story!"

Even though the mystery of Robby Pennybaker has been solved, stuntwoman Dawn Madison is no closer to finding her missing father. Of course, she has become closer to the team she's working with and discovered Breisi was having a relationship with her father. Kiko is out of the hospital, but he's in a back brace and not happy about it. So with Kiko unable to defend himself, it's up to Dawn and Breisi to investigate the new Vampire Murder. And of course, there's still the semi-relationship Dawn is having with Matt, another PI investigating her father's disappearance. Even though they haven't gotten together, Matt calls her all the time. And then there's the Voice, who Dawn is having more trouble trusting because he isn't very forthcoming with information. There's also the relationship between Dawn and Jan, the starlet who reminds Dawn too much of her murdered mother.

On the other side of the fence, we learn a lot more about the Underground and the Master and his firstborn son, Sorin. We learned Sorin masqueraded as the Master to everyone Underground but the Elite in the first book of this series. When Sorin first meets the Master, he is traveling from village to village earning his keep by performing "magic" for them. Sorin's family is wealthy, but when he first started showing signs of having magical ability, his family cast him out. The Master, or Benedikte, had been drawn to Sorin and cautiously approached his campsite. When Sorin finally passed out from drinking too much wine, Benedikte decided to make Sorin his son. Eventually, the two of them made an Underground in London, which was wiped out by one of Benedikte's brothers. Now they've started over in Hollywood and have a thriving Underground with guards, Elite, Groupies and Servants. But Jonah, or the Voice, is threatening the existence of their Underground.

Will Dawn ever find her father? Is Jan really Dawn's mother brought back as a vampire? Can Dawn trust the Voice? Or Matt? What plan does the Master have up his sleeve to protect his Underground?

MIDNIGHT REIGN VAMPIRE BABYLON BOOK 2 is a powerhouse of emotions and revelations. Chris Marie Green really pulls out all the stops in this story as Dawn is betrayed by one person after another until she's left not trusting anyone but herself. Not only is Dawn forced to examine the feelings she has for her mother as she spends more time with the starlet, but she must also deal with how guilty she feels about Kiko being injured. Then there's the Underground and the Master's story is told in such a way so we actually feel sorry for him and what he's gone through until we're left wondering exactly who the bad guys really are. This story grabbed me and wouldn't let go until I finished it. Now I have to find out how it all ends. Don't miss this one. You won't be sorry.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted February 12, 2008


Night Rising was only the beginning...

Dawn Madison reluctantly came to Los Angeles in search of her missing father and found instead a world of murder and the living dead she never imagined existed. When a new vampire slaying lures Dawn deeper into the underground, her alliances in the sunlit world shift. Now she has only herself to trust and her newfound skills as "a spunky vampire slayer"

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Midnight Reign
(Vampire Babylon: Book 2)
by Chris Marie Green

Ace Books
February 1, 2008
Available: February 5, 2008
ISBN #0441015603
EAN #9780441015603
336 pages
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