"A tantalizing vampire series that is impossible to put down"

After World War 2 split society apart, vampires came out of hiding to take advantage of the human population. They would herd humans into Quarantine Zones. Once there, humans where basically slaves answering to the vampires' every need. Nadya was happy when she was chosen to be a tribute to the N'work vampire lord Jalen Dumond. However she is soon taken away by the vampire lord named Rem who happens to be Jalen's immortal enemy. Thinking that he has rescued Nadya, Rem takes her to his stronghold, in the Catz-Kills province. After spending just a little time with Rem, Nadya begins to realize she has fallen for him although her thoughts drift back to Jalen whom she still dearly loves. Torn between the love of two vampire lords, Nadya has to decide where her heart lies.

Kit Tunstall's Vampire Union 2: Liberated is one of the best eBooks I have read. This story pulls you in within the first few pages. You absolutely fall in love with the characters. I can't say enough about this series. I can't wait until she releases part 3.

Reviewed by Beth Senters
Posted February 9, 2008


After WWIII, society was in shambles. For thousands of years, vampires had lived in hiding, fearing extinction from humans. They took advantage of the collapse of society to step into the light, seize power, and rule over the human race. The vampire overlords have herded humans into Quarantine Zones in their various provinces, where they are subjected to the vampires’ every whim… One moment, Nadya was happy with her lover, Jalen. Then his enemy “rescued” her, taking her to his stronghold. Rem is rough and hard, not at all like the smoothly sophisticated Jalen. Yet, Nadya is drawn to him, and they soon fall in love. If only she could forget Jalen and commit herself entirely to Rem, she knows she would lose the ache of dissatisfaction and the sense that something is missing when her new lover holds her. Even if she could manage to do that, Nadya knows she can’t just ignore the conflict between Rem and Jalen. Secrets buried in the past have come to light that change everything…

Two vampire lords with vastly different ideals fight over territory, their ways of life, and much more. At the center is one human woman, torn between the two.

Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal
Theme(s): Vampires
Series: Vampire Union
Length: Novella

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(Vampire Union: Book 2)
by Kit Tunstall

Changeling Press
February 1, 2008
Available: February 1, 2008
ISBN #1595967591
EAN #9781595967596
46 pages
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