"fairy tale adaptation is clever and intriguing"

When the Middle Kingdoms are cursed by a very mean fairy called Malady, an unexpected heroine sets out to make things right. Susannah is the oldest of 12 princesses in a kingdom where no boy babies are being born to any family of noble blood. No princess has much hope of making it to Queen status. While mortals are not supposed to be able to perform magic, Susannah can and does. She discovers a magic palace where dozens of handsome princes live. While she and her sisters discover the princes are wonderful dancing partners, and spend their nights waltzing their slippers to shreds, there is a catch. These princes are romantically impaired; the family jewels are simply out of order. Still, the girls would like to help them escape from a life that seems to be captivity.

When a detective applies for the job of being their royal guard, Susannah doesn't think he'll figure out how they are spending their nights, but John Tom is a very smart man. He begins a serious investigation that gets him close to the truth, and even closer to Susannah. Then there is the sudden appearance of the mysterious Prince John. Where could he possibly have come from, and why does he make Susannah want to dance to a very different tune? Susannah knows what she has to do, but magic and the human heart are not always predictable. Will there be a happily ever after if Susannah casts her spell?

This enjoyable adaptation of the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale is clever and intriguing. Jody Wallace gives the story a new face, adding some modern elements that spark the plot and provide the reader with plenty of smiles along the way. She has a great feel for her characters, a nice sense of comic timing, and a contagious sense of humor. There is a definite attitude that pervades the story, and is most apparent in her female characters. Just a touch of snark that makes things really interesting, and adds to the charms of the romantic relationship. This is a great read when you want something light and entertaining, but truly satisfying.

Reviewed by Miranda Lee
Posted February 9, 2008


A not-ready-for-Disney fairy tale.

Princess Susannah's discovery that she can work fairy magic unlocks the door to a delicious secret: Beneath the castle where she and her twelve sisters live, there's an enchanted palace that has an edge over the Middle Kingdoms. It's chock full of princes who just love to dance. In a world where the nobility have been fairy-cursed to bear no more male children, it's a secret they enjoy to the fullest.

But without male heirs, the human lands are on the verge of anarchy. The King and Queen hire Jon Tom, a detective, to find out where their daughters are disappearing to every night. Susannah finds herself wanting to tell Jon Tom all her secrets - and give him her heart.

But if Susannah's secrets go public, her parents won't be happy. Worse, the fairies won't be happy. And the enchanted princes will be in danger.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Warning: this title contains the following: hot sex, hot springs sex, hot-to-trot women and patriarchal hardheadedness.

Originally released in ebook format - January 29, 2008 (EAN-9781599988726)

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A Spell for Susannah
by Jody Wallace

Samhain Publishing
November 1, 2008
Available: November 25, 2008
ISBN #1599989875
EAN #9781599989877
328 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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