"Sinfully Dark and Delicious Romance"

Somewhere amid the Mardi Gras revels, stands a man with big problems. Make that a vampire with very big problems! The weight of the preternatural world rests heavily on the shoulders of Alexandre Saint-Juste, and what shoulders they are! At least Sunni thinks so. The perky young vampire had been in love with him for neigh on sixty years. Her lack of experience then, had almost cost her her life. Alexandre had saved her from a horrid fate of death by sunlight. Never had a man held her with such gentleness, or looked at her with such desire. He had immediately resumed his cool, remote persona, but Sunni now knows the man who hides beneath those expensive Armani suits, the man she is more determined than ever to make him her own.

Or does she? Under the confident demeanor and power suit beats the heart of a man who knows the cost of failure. The head of the Council of Elders, one of the oldest and strongest vampires the world has known, had failed in his duty before and many people had died. He'd been mortal then, but now with the council in shambles, and Elsabeth's diary in the hands of the renegades, the fate of his people rests in his hands again. Cass, his former lover and council member, had betrayed them all and was still at large.

If that wasn't enough, a mysterious malady is killing the young vampires of New Orleans. The symptoms mock death by sunlight, though that had not been the case. The damage seemed to stem from the region that housed their hearts.

The last thing he needed now was flighty, young, Sunni dogging his heels, determined to help him solve the mystery. The sins of the flesh had always been his downfall as human and vampire. Sunni threatens his rigid control, though he has no clue why. She isn't even his type. Alexandre preferred his women sultry and statuesque, cultured, intelligent, experienced, women who knew how to have a good time without forming emotional attachments. The petite, young, free-spirited blond, who wore her heart on her sleeve, was none of above. Barefoot and barely clothed, she should have been beneath his notice. She owned a tattoo parlor for Pete's sake! She was definitely a distraction. Disaster was sure to strike if he didn't get a grip on his wayward libido and focus on his duty.

Alexandre may be able to hide his feelings from himself, but others have noticed his interest in Sunni. Cass is back in town. She's got the diary, and with it the recipe to create her own vampire army. Now it was time to see a man about replacing him on the council. Oh yes, she had plans for Alexandre. If he was cooperative she might just keep him around as co-council, after all he'd been an excellent lover. For a bit of insurance she would make certain that the life of his current love interest hung in the balance.

Now Sunni is counting on him. She's dying, and only he can save her. Deep down inside he knows he is not the hero Sunni believes him to be. Was her faith in him misplaced? He'd certainly misjudged her. There was far more to her than first met the eye. Could he bear to lose the vivacious, loving, and courageous woman whose faith in him had literally place her life in his hands, a woman who had completely stolen his heart? No, he mustn't fail again.

Not to worry, Alexandre isn't in this alone. Lots of folk have scores to settle with Cass, including one who is as yet unknown to the series' readers. Hey, after all it is New Orleans, and what would that place be without a little voodoo magic?

J. C Wilder just gets better and better. SINS OF THE FLESH shows depth of character rarely found in a story of it's length - showcasing the talent of the author, and earning it well deserved critical acclaim. As a long time fan of this series, if I had to choose one I would venture to say that SINS is the best "Shadow Dweller" tale to date.

Break out the fans and plan to set a spell in New Orleans. The grieving, and oh so sexy, Damien St. James is about to become one of the hunted. Voracious Vivian, wealthy socialite and philanthropist, is on the prowl and she's set her sites on Sinjin. Look for Book VI, TEMPTATION, in 2002.

What about the reclusive Renault, you ask? Not to worry, the wild and wicked were-cat will have the chance to face his demons in Book 7, aptly named EYE OF THE STORM. Which luck lady will aide him in that quest is anyone's guess. Stay tuned!

Copyright © 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 13, 2001


In the heart of New Orleans, a new evil has arrived in town…

A rash of mysterious deaths is plaguing the preternatural world. Vampires are turning up dead in a fashion unlike anything Alexandre’s ever seen. Is it murder, suicide or something else?

Sunni has been in love with Alexandre for sixty years. As she plots to gain the love she longs for, she ends up in danger of being the next victim in a sinister game of life and death.

Evil dogging his every step, Alexandre is torn between his duty and the love of a very special woman…

Note: Previously published in 2001 but has been extensively revised and re-edited.


Sins Of The Flesh
(The Shadow Dwellers: Book 5)
by J. C. Wilder

Ellora's Cave
August 1, 2006
ISBN #1419907336
EAN #9781419907333
e-Book (reprint)
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