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Review: Shameless (Shadow Dwellers: Book 3)

The council had been subject to major upheaval when, nearly a year ago, the rogue vampire Mikhail had challenged Alexandre for his title. Two of the five council members, vampires Cassiopeia, and Edward had defected to Mikhail. Their effort had been thwarted, but the rebels had escaped. Alexandre, Fayne (a were-cat), and Bliss (a revenant and daughter of the world's most powerful witch, Mortianna) are all that remain of the council.

In a Colorado coffee house, eleven years after the birthday dinner that started it all, the five friends - Vivian, Jennifer, Shai, Melanie, and Erihn, have gathered together for another birthday celebration, this time Erihn's.

Much has happened in the intervening years. Three of the friends have found significant others, and the ladies have decided it's time for a new project. It's time to find a nice gentleman who will treat their physically, and emotionally scarred, friend in the way that she deserves.

At age seventeen Erihn Spencer had been a well known fashion model. That had ended when she'd been kidnapped by a madman, while working on a shoot. She'd been held for three days before being rescued. She'd been unspeakably brutalized and her life had never been the same. Now she had her friends and a successful career as a romance writer, but she would never trust a man again. She's firmly convinced that no man would want her anyway. If she couldn't have love, she would write about it. Her latest novel, the best selling, Velvet Lover, featuring a were-cat as the hero, was a steamy as they come.

As the ladies discuss their plans, Shai's lover, Val, arrives with his good friend Fayne in tow. The gentlemen settle in the adjoining room while Erihn rises to the stage to recite a poem entitled "The Cat". Fayne scans the room and peruses the group of friends. They are all beautiful women, but it is the understated Erihn that catches his eye. Never one to go for obvious charms, he is eager to discover what lies behind her extremely concealing hairstyle and clothing.

Fayne's life had changed greatly over the month's following the failed coupe. Typical of his line, his life had been lived almost solely for physical gratification. Since he had taken on the guardianship of the child Max, who had been the mute vampire Edward's unwilling interpreter, his life had been devoted his new son. Though he loves the child dearly, fatherhood had put a major crimp in his love life. Now with the full moon waxing and Max away on an excursion with Bliss, he's free to explore this new found interest.

Fayne rises and with catlike grace approaches the stage to give Erihn the kiss to end all kisses. Erihn responds with uncharacteristic passion, but then reality seeps in and she flees, unwilling to see Fayne's look of pity now that he's seen her up close.

Erin's last novel had been so popular that her fans had clamored for more. The were-cat idea had been inspired by a strange diary she'd found in Val's library. Jennifer had offered her the use of her mountain home as a retreat where Erihn could conduct research for the sequel in peace. Unfortunately Jennifer had forgotten to mention the other house guest.

Erihn decides that relaxation is the order of the day, to take her mind off the mind-blowing kiss and the man who'd bestowed it. But even a soak in the hot tub and a bottle of wine isn't enough to dispel that fantasy come true. Imagine her dismay when her fantasy appears before her, in the flesh, especially when all of hers is exposed for his eyes to feast upon!

Reality is a bit too frightening for Erihn, but her plan to flee once again is thwarted by heavy rains and a mudslide. It doesn't take long for her to realize that the intimidating giant of a man is really a just big pussy-cat (little does she know), while Fayne experiences the urge to be faithful for the first time in his long lascivious life.

Happiness could finally be in reach for this pair, however evil still lurks in both the human world and that of the Shadow Dwellers. Someone isn't fond of Erihn's books, and Erihn and Fayne each possess something that one evil doer wouldn't stop at murder to get his hands on. Will Fayne be forced to choose between an eternity spent with the woman he loves, and the life of the innocent child of his heart? What will become of the Shadow Dwellers if Elsabeth's diary falls into the wrong hands?

Electric! Break out the ice water, J. C. Wilder has done it again with this highly sensual paranormal romance. Adding to the fun, the author's unique brand of humor bubbled to the surface in this story as our sensual, confident, hero's attempt at seduction is thwarted by an innocuous cup of herbal tea. Even shnockered, Fayne is as sexy as they come, and readers are sure to love the results of Erihn's transformation. Hilarious!

The battle between good and evil rages on, with casualties on both sides. Sacrifices are made, but love triumphs this round. The saga continues with REDEMPTION, Maeve and Quinn's story.

Copyright 2001
Original review for Shameless, revised and retitled Tempt Not the Cat

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 12, 2001


formerly titled Shameless

A woman whose chances for love were destroyed...a man who could be her savior if it weren't for the child he'd sacrifice everything to protect.

In the heart of Colorado begins a love story that could heal the wounds of years. As Erihn finds the one man who could finally break through the barriers she's erected, Fayne is torn between his desire and his loyalties. As he watches the woman he loves break free from years of self- imposed loneliness, he finds he is the one who is now trapped by his desire, his dark self.

Fate steps in and his secret threatens everyone around them, secrets that lead a bitter enemy to love's door.


Tempt not the Cat
(Shadow Dwellers: Book 3)
by J. C. Wilder

Ellora's Cave
April 1, 2006
Available: April 1, 2006
ISBN #1419905449
EAN #9781419905445
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