"a tale of revenge, passion, love"

The Pack of St. James promises to be an exceptional paranormal series for Kensington's Brava line. Three brothers, Kryil, Marko and Semyon, are defenders of the British Crown; however, ancient blood of Russian wolves flow through their veins. A legend among the ton's females for their sexual prowess, women want them, men fear them, only none know their deep dark secret. That is about to change. A reckless act has put the pack at peril. Now a "hunter" is roaming the streets of London in search of "prey" - men who are part-wolf.

In this darkly sensual tale, author Noelle Mack vividly conjures the world of the richest part of fashionable London. Yet, in stark contrast, she shows there is an underbelly to the town, a different, ugly world of drugs, women few have value for other than to use, smuggling, and a killer stalking the dimly lit corridors of Londontown in search of the three brothers and a priceless relic that they value above all other.

Kryil's love for Vivienne Sheridan, catalyst to the coming confrontation, is portrayed through richly erotic scenes that pepper this story, demonstrating Mack's talent for pace and beauty of the written word. WILD is a tale of revenge, passion, love, and the strong drive to protect your kindred, leaving the reader eager for more of this Pack of St. James.

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 30, 2008


Kyril. Marko. Semyon. Brothers like no other, sworn to lead the Pack of St. James and defend the English crown, though the blood of Russian wolves runs in their veins. In 1815, every woman in London has heard of their legendary passion for seduction-but no one knows of the supernatural powers that raise them far above the ranks of mortal men.


In pursuit of a priceless treasure stolen from his homeland, Kyril commands the Pack to gather in secret. A rash act by one woman-one extraordinary woman, the sensual and utterly alluring Vivienne Sheridan—has put their ancient clan in peril. He vows to find her-and find out her every secret—before it is too late.

Hidden in a ruined mansion, concealed by the shadows of a moonlit night, Vivienne comes forth, drawn to Kyril by a mysterious magic she is unable to resist. In his powerful embrace, Vivienne senses the wild nature beneath his gentlemanly Façade—and she surrenders to his intimate touch. Whatever he wants, she will give.with all the passion of a woman mesmerized...


(The Pack of St. James: Book 1)
by Noelle Mack

Kensington Publishing (Brava)
March 1, 2008
Available: February 26, 2008
ISBN #0758222750
EAN #9780758222756
304 pages
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