"Fast-paced, Realistic Supernatural Romance"

An elderly vampire killed Maeve's twin sister.  For the past few years, the immortal revenant Maeve has lived for one thing only, to avenge her sibling's death.  However, she has not gotten any closer in achieving her goal even though she is residing in the remote Scottish home of the vampire Sinjin for the past year.  Maeve's opportunity finally occurs when the powerful witch Mortianna wants to destroy Sinjin for killing her beloved daughter. Mortianna directs her unwanted male child Quinn to do her bidding starting with killing Maeve to get her out of the way.  Quinn, a surprisingly powerful male witch, agrees because he wants his mother's love.  When Quinn and Maeve meet for the first time an attraction between them connect the two of them.  However, Quinn struggles between his desire for motherly love and his deep love for Maeve while Maeve cannot let go her desire for vengeance.  Their struggling relationship is part of a worldwide skirmish for supremacy.

REDEMPTION, the latest Shadow Dweller novel, is a fast-paced supernatural romance that will please fans of the series with its ability to make the unreal real.  The story line is filled with action as vampires, witches, and other ilk take center stage.  New readers will quickly turn into believers although they will struggle with unexplained references from previous books.  J.C. Wilder is quite a good author, but to full appreciate this fine novel, the audience needs to read the entire series, which is loaded with great books.

Harriet Klausner /December, 2000
Copyright © 2000

This review was based on the original ebook release by Dreams Unlimited - 2000

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 12, 2001


In her search for revenge, Maeve finds herself trapped in a world of magic and deception. With her twin sister dead, Maeve seeks justice for her murder. She’s discovered the key that will guarantee her success—a magical spell to control a vampire. Now she needs to locate a witch of pure intent to teach the spell to her.

Quinn Montgomery wants nothing to do with his High Witch mother, Mortianna. Denounced at birth, Quinn was only summoned to her side upon the death of his half-sister. When he discovers the beautiful Maeve a prisoner in his mother’s house, he refuses to allow his mother’s plans to kill her and instead he rescues the prickly immortal from imminent death.

Maeve and Quinn reluctantly band together to battle the forces of darkness as they fight their growing attraction for each other.


(Shadow Dwellers : Book 4)
by J. C. Wilder

September 1, 2001
Available: November 4, 2006
ISBN #1553160800
EAN #9781553160809
e-Book (reprint)
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