"a steamy story that will keep you on the edge of your seat"

Kitty Lazarus isn't your average video store owner, she can also read minds. When customers walk into her little video store she is flooded with their thoughts. But when Haden Blackwood walks through her door, erotic images of a blonde and Haden begin to pop instantly into her head. Why do some of these thoughts include her? And why do they seem more vivid than the other customers' thoughts?

Haden Blackwood is a werewolf who is trying very hard to escape his past. Waking up to his girlfriend dead in bed next to him has labeled him a murderer. He knows in his heart he didn't do it but he just can't figure out how it all could have happened right under his nose. With dire need to get his life back in order, Haden decides to open an Irish Pub next to Kitty's store.

When Kitty and Haden meet the attraction between the two is more than just a spark, it's a full blown fire. But things are put on hold when Kitty gets images of a wolf and a dead woman in his bed. Things in Kitty's mind just aren't adding up. Could he be a monster or even worse a murderer?

Somewhere in her heart she believes in his innocence. Determined with her ability to read minds she sets out to prove just that. But will diving into Haden's past make her the next victim?

This is not your average erotic story; it is filled with action and adventure. Of course it has that steamy content that has you begging for more but it also has mystery that will have you reading every page to find out what is going to happen next. This is a well written story with very strong characters that you will fall in love with. I look forward to more stories from Shara Lanel.

Reviewed by Beth Senters
Posted January 26, 2008


Kitty Lazarus can't help reading the new pub owner's mind -- that's her gift -- but his thoughts are very different from anyone else's. Very 3-D, and they always involve stripping her naked and doing wickedly erotic things to her. Yet, who is this blonde lady he keeps thinking about, and why does he sometimes picture himself in front of a mirror sprouting fur and fangs?

Haden Blackwood doesn't need the complication of lusting after Kitty Lazarus, especially when she leases the space he plans to expand his pub into. Worse, she has the uncanny ability to guess his thoughts. He's got too many secrets to keep, like a tendency to howl at the moon when it's full and an outstanding warrant for his arrest. But he can't fight his sexual attraction to Kitty -- she smells so good -- and pretty soon he's going to have to act on it.

Kitty's not the only threat to Haden's secrets. Someone from his past is trying to frame him -- again -- for murder. Plus, if he doesn't trust Kitty with his true nature, he may find himself in jail during the full moon. But if he does involve her, she'll become the target of a madman. This time, he'll have to do more than blame it on the moon.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM, including bondage and Domination/submission, masturbation, spanking, strong violence.

Genre: BDSM Werewolf Paranormal
Length: Novel

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Blame it on the Moon
by Shara Lanel

Loose Id
January 1, 2008
Available: January 15, 2008
ISBN #1596326050
EAN #9781596326057
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