"A fantasy of superior quality which bridges the gap between the romance and SF&F genres"

DRAGONBORN opens with Kiril, Dag Racho's newly appointed governor and dragon-hunter, stalking his latest victim. Dragon's were evil. Kiril had known this since he was a boy. His cousin Jaseen had been chosen to incubate a dragon's egg and had become a dragonborn. It had changed the gentle young man into a monster. Clearly the dragon had taken control of his will. He had hoped to save the boy Huet, but it was too late. The demon spawn had already hatched. The boy was Dag Huet now, a dragonborn, his mind irrevocably bonded with the newly hatched beast. His chance to retain his humanity was lost. Dag Huet and his dragon were no match for Kiril's legendary sword skills. One down and one more dragonborn child left to murder. Then it would be done.

Kiril now searches for Natiya Draeva, orphaned daughter of Dragon Scholars, hoping that she can lead him to the Clutching Caves where he would find and destroy the egg which held the unborn dragon Queen. Little does he know that Nitiya herself is incubating the egg disguised as a belly jewel in her navel, waiting for the day that she, along with her Golden Queen, could avenge her parents' deaths by killing the Emperor, Dag Racho, and his Copper dragon. Already the egg communes with her. It is insatiable in its curiosity. Seeking knowledge and experiences it questions her endlessly and magnifies her every emotion.

A new Governor must introduce himself to the population that he will govern, and what better place to show oneself than in the local tavern. There, quite by accident, he finds Natiya. Natiya is a dockside dancer, the best in Dabu'ut arguably the best in the entire realm. She is not at all what he had presumed. Expecting a lewd display, Kiril is blindsided by her skill and by the lust he feels for her as he watches her dance. Although Natiya resented being forced to dance for him, her heart beats faster at the very sight of the new Governor. Against her will she throws herself into the dance, performing like she's never done before. But her only priority must be to protect the egg until the hatching. He is sworn to kill them both. Neither of them had counted on falling in love.

DRAGONBORN is a fantasy of superior quality which bridges the gap between the romance and SF&F genres, expertly blending a star-crossed relationship, superb world building, and riveting suspense. Dag Racho, the antagonist, like Kiril and Natiya. is beautifully drawn. Like the heroes he is a complex character whom the author takes from a sickly tormented child to a cruel and ruthless ruler and back to the confused and lonely man that lies deep inside him. This book is sure to appeal to a wide range of readers, the only difficulty will be deciding where to shelf it. For an excellent fantasy/romance/action-suspense read, I highly recommend DRAGONBORN by Jade Lee.

I feel compelled to add for the sake of romance readers that there is a condition to the dragonborn bond that is revealed at the end of the story. Quite a surprise. The dilemma being that if the condition is fulfilled a HEA would be impossible. The pair has seen the consequences of resistance, due to Dag Racho's reluctance to comply. So whether or not this story ends happily really depends on what happens next (This is a series). But rest assured that all is well for now.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 23, 2008





When dragon power flows through your veins, when dragon thoughts burn in your mind, you can accomplish anything. Natiya knows, for she carries one of the last eggs in the land disguised as a jewel in her navel. Day by day the Unhatched grows, and when at last it births they will be joined in a sacred and eternal bond. Gone will be the barmaid forced to dance for pennies; born will be Dag Natiya, revered Queen. Take her body or her soul, nothing will stop them.


When dragon power flows through your veins, when dragon emotions trample your soul, you become a monster. So knows Kiril, for one destroyed his cousin. No matter how kind or joyful, all beings must succumb to the power of the wyrm. That is why Kiril vowed to destroy dragonkind--and he has almost succeeded. Only one egg remains. But there is an obstacle he did not foresee: love.

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(Ragona: Book 1)
by Jade Lee

Love Spell
February 1, 2008
Available: February 26, 2008
ISBN #0505527545
EAN #9780505527547
368 pages
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