"Captivating! Mesmerizing Shapeshifter Showdown"

I can't say enough for this book. Susan Krinard is aptly tagged the "Queen of Werewolves". What can I say to adequately praise this book? Captivating! Mesmerizing! Couldn't put it down. This is a showdown between two alpha personalities. Tragedy has played a role in both the hero and heroine's lives leaving them determined not to let anyone close enough to hurt them again. Joelle Randall (Joey) has left her home in San Francisco for the Canadian Rockies - her goal: To find the site of her parents' plane crash, ten years earlier. She is compelled to see for herself and say her good-byes. She requires a guide, but for some reason no one is willing to volunteer. the towns people seem a bit nervous, but Joey is persistent. In a short time she has endeared herself to both innkeeper, Maggie, and the town doctor, Allan.

Luke Gevaudan is a loner, living in the wilderness outside the town. The town folk seem intimidated in his presence. It has been a long time since his needs have been satisfied and he singles out Joey as the woman he desires. He pursues her relentlessly, but she shows no interest. For Luke this is a challenge like no other, and it makes him all the more determined.

Joey is only interested in finding a guide to help her find the crash site. Winter is approaching and she knows she must go soon. The land she must search belongs to Luke; so she decides that she must convince Luke to be her guide. She flirts with him, certain that she can get what SHE wants, without giving him what HE wants. When they kiss she is mesmerized, and she realizes that she's gone too far. Just when she's about to capitulate, he breaks away and flees. He's come to a startling revelation. Joey is bewildered and more determined than ever. She tracks him down to his home and he tells her to leave, to stay away from him, and to give up her search. He tells her he will stop her if she tries to go alone. Naturally, Joey insists she will go anyway. Eventually Luke sees that he has no choice but to guide her. However, the weather and terrain is harsh and Joey is not as suited to it as Luke is. She suffers the effects and Luke finds he must save her from a death from hypothermia. Good intentions are forgotten in a passionate love scene and now Luke knows there is no going back. He knows what Joey doesn't - that she is bound to him for all time, she is his mate. He knows that if she refuses to accept her fate that he will die, as his mother did when his father left her. A second accident befalls Joey, this time she is seriously injured. Luke must go for help but there is little time, he must transform. Joey is delirious and thinks she is dreaming, but it is no dream. When she recovers Luke reveals his nature. Now he must find a way to make Joey stay with him, he isn't ready to trust her to make the choice for herself.

But there is another secret that everyone knows but Joey, her own secret, the very reason that Luke resisted her and now is unable to turn away. Can Luke keep Joey happy without telling her the truth, can he live with his guilt in not giving her a choice? Can he make her understand and accept who she was born to be? When Luke's life is endangered Joey has the chance to repay her debt and not one but two startling truths are revealed, one she can live with, the other is too painful. Can Luke live without her, or will his heart break as his mother's did? Can Joey and Luke relinquish their precious control and give their lives into the hands of another? Awesome!

Leslie Tramposch / September, 1999
Copyright 1999 for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 12, 2001


Through with running from the past, Joelle Randall has come to the rugged Canadian Rockies determined to face her pain and begin anew. All she needed was a guide to lead her through the untamed mountain wilderness to the site where her parents' plane had crashed so long ago. But the only guide Joelle could find was Luke Gevaudan, a magnetically attractive loner with the feral grace of a wolf and eyes that glittered with a savage intensity. She couldn't know that Luke was the stuff of legends, one of the last survivors of an ancient race of werewolves... a man whose passion she would not be able to resist--no matter how terrible the price.

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Prince of Wolves
(Val Cache: Book 1)
by Susan Krinard

September 1, 1994
Available: August 1, 1994
ISBN #0553567756
EAN #9780553567755
480 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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