"a heated futuristic"

Zaldivar's Queen of her people knew she must build an alliance with Concordance for the future of her people. Doing this would ensure a future for her people, new technology that will help her people to flourish and grow. But she knew that many loyalties were divided, that was to be expected. Not only were her people used to peacefulness, but also that could all change with the war by the hands of insurgents. Knowing this was needed High Priestess Tyranna Eairstar agrees to help keep peace by marrying Concordance Officer, Major Trace Drakkal. Tyranna is shocked by what Trace makes her feel, the passion he awakens in the moment she meets her new husband. How can this man make her feel this way? Can she trust in these feelings? Can she trust not only her body to this man but also her heart?

Trace is very shocked at how his body reacts to his future wife. Just seeing her makes his body sing with passion that makes Trace want to take her in his arms and show her what passion really was. He must not only show Tyranna that she can trust him but that it is also ok to feel love in his arms. Tyranna knows that she has to get her people to see that the Concordance is here to help them, not hurt them. Will their marriage be enough to build the future for their people?

Well as usual Mary Winter wrote a keeper. I loved the way she built the torment of these people. The change that they all faced with the future of their people, the life they had known. We all know that change is very hard to accept. But when you know that it is the only way for your planet/people to live then you must accept change. The passion and love between Tyranna and Trace exploded off of the pages with such heat and love that it made you feel alive. I look forward to reading what Mary Winter comes up with next.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted January 20, 2008


Zaldivar's queen has agreed to an alliance with the Concordance, a governing body, in order to gain new technology for her people. As loyalties are divided, the once-peaceful planet now faces war at the hand of insurgents.

Wishing to restore peace, High Priestess Tyranna Eairstar reluctantly agrees to a marriage with a Concordance officer. Tyranna's long-forgotten lust awakens the moment she meets her virile husband-to-be but can she give her heart to him when she's given her life in service to the goddess?

Tyranna's intelligence, intensity and willowy body are welcome surprises for Major Trace Drakkal. The very sight of her makes him hard, and her body responds willingly. But Trace must convince her she can have both faith and love, while assuring her people the Concordance wishes to help, not harm.

An ancient sexual ritual might be enough to convince Zaldivar and Tyranna that change can be a good thing.

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Treaty of Seduction
by Mary Winter

Ellora's Cave
December 1, 2007
ISBN #1419912860
EAN #9781419912863
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