"a warm, loving story"

Dawson Gray couldn't believe the time had finally come after months of enduring public rituals proving that he was worthy of taking a female mate. Men in his pack of wereleopards outnumber the few females. The final night of proving that no man could cause him to feel passion, proving for his family that he was good enough to carry his family name and mate with one of the few females was finally in reach. But all of that changes when they bring in front of him the one man that makes him feel heat, passion. Logan is an unfree slave who would only become free if he took one of the Warrior-mates of a Pride-born son. But unknown to Dawson is that Logan really loves him and wants him as a true mate, not just to take him as a mate to free himself. He doesn't want to cause Dawson pain or turn him into something he is not. All he wants is a chance to show Dawson he is the man for him, his future. Will Dawson see past what he thinks his father and family wants? Will he see that this test was really so he wouldn't end up with someone he wasn't supposed to be with, that his future lies with Logan? Or will he succumb to the unknown and fight what he feels for Logan?

A.D. Christopher wrote such a warm, loving story that made me feel the love and passion these two men felt. The turmoil that Dawson went through thinking that he must fight his true self so that he wouldn't shame his father, being the future ruler of his people doesn't mean he can't be what he truly is. The road that leads to the climax of this story kept me on the edge of my seat holding my breath. That shows a great, strong story. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Christopher's work.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted January 20, 2008


Only one night of sexual testing stands between Dawson Gray and his destiny. If he can endure a public ritual without succumbing to his desire for another man, he will claim his female mate and his future as head of his wereleopard pride. That future is in his grasp, until one man approaches…

Logan is an Unfree slave whose only chance at freedom is to become the warrior-mate of a Pride-born son. But there's one thing Logan desires more than his freedom — Gray. This is his only chance to tempt the man he loves to his side. He'll use every weapon at his disposal to prove to Gray that their feelings are more than desire, and that this night is the beginning of a shared destiny, not merely a necessary temptation.

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Necessary Temptation
by A. D. Christopher

Ellora's Cave
December 1, 2007
ISBN #1419913743
EAN #9781419913747
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